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Shining Vale Ending Explained: What Actually Happend in The Movie?

In the first episode of her horror-comedy series “Shining Vale,” Courteney Cox notes that women are roughly twice as likely as men to experience depression and demonic possession and that both of these conditions cause them to experience symptoms like helplessness, insomnia, hallucinations, and other things.

Therefore, the opening sentence sets up the conflict that will traumatize Patricia “Pat” Phelps (Courteney Cox), our protagonist, who was once a famous writer but is now having trouble filling a single page.

Since the publication of her first and final book, “Cressida: Unbound,” 17 years ago, Pat has been experiencing a terrible case of writer’s block.

It’s odd that Pat, who once wrote about women’s independence and empowerment in her first book, is currently experiencing a lot of suffocation in real life. This sensation tormented Pat and led her to decide to cheat on her husband with a plumber/carpenter.

However, Terry, her husband, is very patient and wants to keep his marriage and family together, so he spends all of his money to purchase an old home in Shining Vale, Connecticut.

‘Shining Vale’ Season 1: Ending, Explained

When Pat’s Family Mistreated Her, She Would Lose Control of Her Body and Snap Out Of It, Allowing Her Other Personality or Rosemary’s Ghost to Take Over. She Would Threaten Her Children in Her Violent Character to Get Them to Obey.

that Opens the Door for Pat and Rosemary’s Final Conversation at The Retro Tiki Bar (a Bar Similar to The One in “The Shining”), Where Rosemary Tells Pat that She Massacred Her Entire Family Before Committing Suicide in The Bathtub. at This Time, Rosemary Made Hints that She and Pat Might Be the Same Person, Driven to The Brink by Their Families.

as A Result, Rosemary Urged Pat to Cut Off Her Family in Order to Put an End to The Horror for Good. Pat, However, Resisted Rosemary’s Orders as She Attempted to Emphasise the Fact that She Is a Mother Within; as A Result, the Tension Between a Mother Who Wants to Protect Her Family and A Woman Who Wants to Be Emancipated Is the Focus of The Entire Conversation.

Pat Made the Decision to Obliterate Rosemary’s Vessel, Which Was Her Own Body, in Order to Protect Her Family from Herself. She Attempted to Take Medications that Immediately Brought to Memory Pat’s Mother Joan’s Failed Suicide Attempt when Pat Was Still a Teenager. Perhaps This Suggests that Pat Was Gradually Going Insane, Just Like Her Mother Had.

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However, Rosemary Persuaded Pat that Terry Was the One Who Ruined Her Career and Gave Her Writer’s Block as Her Ink Stopped Flowing Soon After They Got Married. After That, Terry Wanted Children, so He Turned Pat Into a Full-Time Housewife Who Would Cook and Clean for Him While He Worked All Day and Made out With Kathryn in The Office.

With These Ideas, Rosemary Once More Seized Possession of Pat’s Body and Went to The Attic Where Terry Was Reading the Final Chapter of Pat’s Manuscript, in Which She Discussed Slicing up Her Own Family (another Allusion to Kubrick’s Film).

Before Terry Could Escape or Respond to His Wife’s Insanity, Pat Attacked Him While Brandishing an Axe and Acting Exactly Like Jack Torrance. Terry Was Terrified and Forgave Pat for Her Infidelity with Both Frank and Blake While Pat Was Running Around the House Chasing Terry.

At This Point, Pat Finally Admitted that His Forgiveness Was the Source of Her Suffering. when She Cheated on Him, He Didn’t Leave Her or Get a Divorce; Instead, He Bought a House in Connecticut, Which Made Her Feel Even More Worn Out.

when Terry Was Finally Struck with The Axe and Scratched on The Skull, Pat Abruptly Realised What She Had Done and Immediately Descended to Check on Her Husband. Gaynor Entered the House at The Same Time and Confronted Pat About Valerie’s Jewellery, Which She Had Buried in The Backyard, Suspecting Pat of Valerie’s Murder.

The Pills Started Working, and Pat Passed out Before She Could Defend Herself. In the end, Pat Awoke from Her Sleep to Discover that She Was Bound to A Stretcher and That She Had Been Admitted to Shining Vale Psychiatric Hospital, According to A Guy.

Gaynor Admits Her Mother to A Mental Hospital for Attempting Suicide, Just as Pat Had Done for Her Own Mother, Joan, by Signing the Same Documents.

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Before Pat Could Be Imprisoned, However, She Noticed a Group Image on The Wall Showing the Complete Staff of The Shining Vale of Hysterical Women Standing in Front of Her Home, Indicating the Home Had Previously Been Used as A Psychiatric Facility. Pat Noticed a Face Similar to Her Most Terrifying Nightmare Character, Rosemary, in The Photo.

shining vale ending explained

The Date June 23, 1859, that Is Placed Underneath the Image Raises the Possibility that This Exact Image Was Also Taken on the Same Day. the fact that Rosemary and Her Family, Elijah, Daisy, and Rolf, Passed Away on June 23, 1954, However, Causes a Vacuum in Time Because Rosemary Was Not the Woman in The Portrait; Rather, It Was a Different Person Who Lived in 1859.

the Image Resembled the Ballroom Photo at The Conclusion of “The Shining,” Opening the Possibility that Rosemary May Have Lived a Previous Life, as The Kubrick Film’s Last Scene Suggests. if The Show’s Writers and Producers decide to renew it, which seems unlikely, more information may be disclosed in “Shining Vale” Season 2.

Alternatively, there may be some deeper explanation or reasoning behind it. However, it will be intriguing to see for sure whether there was a ghost in the house or if Pat’s paranoid imagination conjured it up.

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