Reactions by Tiktok Stars on TikTok Banned in India

Tik Tok stars reaction on Tik Tok banned in India

The app’s most dedicated fans are divided over the decision to ban TikTok. Others have stated their intention to move on to different systems and begin development from scratch.
In the TikTok universe, there are teenagers and young adults with millions of fans.

The portals to that alternate reality were suddenly closed. After border tensions with China escalated on Monday, the Indian government banned the use of the Chinese video-sharing platform TikTok. However, what becomes of the adherents?

A 28-year-old man named Sumit Jain from Dhule, Maharashtra, Jain has amassed 3.8 million TikTok fans. He claims that even if you were to move to a remote village, you would still have the opportunity to showcase your abilities to the rest of the country. In the movie “3 Idiots,” there is a line that says, “Everyone has some talent.” Jain, who owns a clothing store, suggests looking for it.

He was primarily interested in uploading dance videos, but he occasionally dabbled in “comedy” or “emotional” content as well. It wasn’t uncommon for strangers to stop him on the street and ask him to take a selfie with him.

He claims that not even several hundred million Indian rupees could have bought his current level of fame. He has conflicting emotions about the ban. I’m going to switch platforms and begin again from square one. Everything that happens is for the best.

Jaya Choudhry (20), who uses the username Jaya Jerry on the app, is another popular TikTok user. Today, she woke up with an idea for a video that she knew would go viral. Seconds later, she realized that the app was no longer allowed. The Delhi-based girl is currently in her second year of college and has danced on some of India’s most popular TV shows.

That was a lot of fun. There would be a huge influx of attention. To put it simply, it was a pleasant existence. They’d tell me, “Tu to bohot chhaa rahi hai” (You’ve become quite popular), and I’d smile and nod. People would compliment you left and right. Choudhry, who has over a hundred thousand TikTok followers, asks, “What else do you want in life?”

When she found out about the ban, her “mood was ruined.” Being without a backup of her videos is something she deeply regrets. As per rumors, India is also developing mobile software. Hopefully, my videos will be salvageable if I take them there.

Yuvraj Singh Parihar has higher expectations. Everyone needs to put their energies into developing their skills. Parihar, a resident of Jodhpur in Rajasthan, claims that the platform is irrelevant.

On TikTok, he’s known as Baba Jackson. He says he went with the name Baba because children are often called that, and that’s why he decided to name his young Michael Jackson after the King of Pop. The number of people who follow him is staggering: 6.1 million.

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Alliance of Unlikeable Luminaries

Tik Tok stars reaction on Tik Tok banned in India

TikTok’s popularity has skyrocketed since the app was released in September 2016, giving rise to a vast, mysterious, and one-of-a-kind community of improbable stars who became famous thanks to their 15-second videos.

The tools in the app were intuitive enough that even those who could not read English or Hindi could use it, and it performed admirably even on slow connections.

As a result, India quickly became TikTok’s largest international market, with 200 million users. The vast majority of these users are from underprivileged communities that lacked prior access to the internet and digital media.

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Thousands of people’s lives were improved by TikTok, which allowed them to meet new people, share in happiness, and advance in their communities.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government banned TikTok and 58 other apps in the midst of deadly border tensions with China, just as TikTok stars like Gunjal and Pooja were getting used to their fame.

The ban was implemented as retaliation for the June 2018 deaths of twenty Indian soldiers and four Chinese troops in hand-to-hand combat along a contested border in the Himalayas between the two nuclear powers.

India banned TikTok and other apps owned by a Chinese company for one year on June 29.


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