Twitter Rolls Out Keyword Search for DMs: Know More About It

Twitter Rolls Out Keyword Search for DMs

Finally, Twitter Has Implemented a Keyword Search for Direct Messages, Making It Possible to Find Specific Mentions Within Any Dm Text and Thus Facilitating the Retrieval of Past Conversations, Products, People, Links, Etc.

Twitter’s New Direct Message (dm) Search Options Categorize Your Queries Into Four Categories, as Displayed Here.

The Final Option, “all,” Shows You Every Matching Result for Your Query, Whether It Be a User Name or A Set of Keywords.

  • Users – Shows You Usernames that Are Relevant to Your Search.
  • Groups – Displays All Rooms Where Your Search Term Is Being Used
  • Direct Messages- Which Now Highlights Any Relevant Keyword Matches

That Will Make It Much Less Time-Consuming to Browse Through Your D Ms, and It Will Add More Functionality for Using D Ms in A Wider Range of Ways, Such as For Customer Service and Following up On Previous Responses and Engagements.

Over a Year Has Passed Since Debugger First Reported that Twitter Was Planning to Implement a Direct Message Keyword Search. until Now, the Only Way to Search Your Direct Messages Was by The User’s Name, Which Is Helpful but Limits Your Ability to Find Specific Mentions and Terms Within Your D Ms.

But Now You Can, Which, as mentioned, Will Give You a Lot More Leeway and Make Your D Ms a More Versatile and Helpful Asset.

Twitter Has Previously Tested out More Advanced Dm Search Features, Such as The Ability to Look for Media and Links Shared in A Particular Dm Thread.

However, the Most Significant Improvement Is Undoubtedly the Ability to Search by Message Content; It Is Great to Finally Have This Functionality at Our Disposal so That We Can Begin Testing What We Can Find.

Once Again, the Most Noticeable Benefit for Brands Is Faster Responses from Customer Service. You Can Now Search for All Users Who Have Asked a Question About a Product and Provide Relevant Updates as They Become Available, or You Can Look up Past Answers to Similar Queries and Save Time Responding to D Ms by Reading the Answers Already Provided.

Twitter’s New Direct Message (dm) Search Options Are Available to Everyone Today, and There Are Many Potential Applications for This Feature.

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Table of Contents

Searching for Twitter DMs By Keyword

  • The Search Functionality in Twitter Direct Messages Has Been Improved.
  • To Perform a Search in Your Direct Messages Inbox, Open It up In the Appropriate App or On the Web and Begin Typing.
  • As You Continue to Type, a List of Results Will Appear on The Screen, All of Which Will Contain the Word or Phrase You’ve Entered.

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A Twitter Example Is Provided Below to Illustrate:

  • While This Is a Big Step up From Twitter’s Old Direct Message Search, It Still Can’t Look Through Messages from The Past.
  • All the Way Back to 2020, when The Search Was Performed, Is the Farthest You Can Go in The Search Results.
  • The Twitter Search Bar Isn’t Backwards-Compatible, so If You’re Looking for A Direct Message from Way Back When, Good Luck.
  • This Revision Should Meet Your Requirements for Retrieving Twitter Posts from The Past Couple of Years.


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