Arrange Sound Governance Properly with Boardroom Software

Arrange Sound Governance Properly with Boardroom Software

Management by the board is a topic that receives a lot of attention but is frequently misunderstood. In this piece, I provide an insider’s view of the situation. I have served as chairman and CEO of Medtronic, chairman only, and CEO only, in addition to sitting on ten corporate boards over the course of my career.

In addition, I have sat on the outside of the boardroom and observed a large number of boards, as well as had many private conversations with board members about the difficulties they faced and how they overcame them.

The lessons I’ve taken away from these situations are that one’s perspective on a board’s governance greatly shifts depending on which seat one occupies (independent director, chair and CEO, CEO only, or chair only). For this reason, it is crucial to consider corporate governance from the perspectives of both management and ownership.

Since many governance experts who wield influence over boards through shareholder proposals, media articles, and legislative actions have never participated in an executive session of a major board, I hope that this survey of governance through the lens of different roles will help rectify a problem in the current dialogue.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that the majority of their suggestions concern administrative matters and “check the box” criteria that have little to do with the meat and potatoes of board work.

Arrange Sound Governance Properly with Boardroom Software In fact, I am concerned that many of these proposals could hinder boards’ effectiveness because they would require too much attention to administrative details.

That would be a shame because, in the wake of recent scandals, corporate boards have made strides toward a healthier balance of power with independent directors and more open communication between CEOs and boards.

What Is a Board Portal?

A Board Portal Is an Online Hub Where Boards of Directors Can Collaborate on Matters Such as Meeting Scheduling, Document Sharing, and New Initiative Creation.

Suppliers of Board Portals Typically Provide a Wide Range of Safety and Workflow Management Tools. in General, They Help Directors and Corporate Secretaries Save Time and Effort by Streamlining the Management of Meetings, Tracking Attendance, and Creating Meeting Minutes.

These Days, Board Meeting Software Is a Crucial Management Tool, Employed by Businesses of All Sizes to Streamline Board Member Meetings and Enhance Board Governance.

Organizations of All Stripes Use Board Meeting Portal Solutions to Improve Corporate Governance. This includes Financial Institutions, Investment Firms, Healthcare Providers, Legal Practices, and Philanthropic Groups.

Who Has Access to Board Portals?

Board Portals Are Useful for All Members of A Board of Directors Because They Streamline and Clarify Communication and Planning.

An Online Board of Directors Portal Can Help Increase Board Engagement, Guarantee Data Security, and Facilitate All Kinds of Things, Such as Scheduling Meetings, Document Management, and Creating Board Meeting Minutes.

Board Portals Typically Also Make Use of A Variety of Collaboration Tools that Facilitate the Creation of Tasks by Leadership Teams and The Effective Sharing of Information and Documents. However, They Are Most Helpful for Those Who Are Actively Engaged in Management.

The Chairperson

In terms of Corporate Governance, Board Portals Are Great News, Especially for Board Chairs. Many of The Features of The Board Portal Reflect This.

One Advantage Is that The Chair Has More Leeway in Determining the Course of A Board Meeting from Start to Finish, Thanks to The Ease with Which He or She Can Distribute and Discuss Board Materials, Solicit Attendees’ Confirmations of Attendance, and Conduct Votes and Polls in The Virtual Board Room to Gauge Whether or Not Everyone Is on The Same Page.

Board Portals, on The Other Hand, Make Board Meetings and Decisions More Open and Accessible to The Public. Accurate Minutes and Board Books Can Be Stored in Confidence, Making It Easier to Conduct Audits in The Future and Relieving Pressure on The Chairperson.

Secretary to The Board

The Board Portal Will Immediately Improve the Lives of Corporate Secretaries.

Most of Their Work Is Greatly Simplified by Resources Like Board Books that Are Easily Accessible, Meeting Minute Tools that Streamline the Minute-Taking Process, and Integrated Agendas and Calendars that Ensure All Members Are on The Same Page.

Board Committees

Board Committees Benefit Greatly from The Use of Board Software for Many of The Same Reasons that Individual Board Members Do. the Advantages of Using a Web-Based Board of Directors Software Are Evident, Whether the Board Is Composed of Permanent Members or Consists of Ad Hoc Committees.

Committee Members Can Set up Agenda Items, Communicate with Others Over Specific Documents, Collect Signatures, Send Notifications, and Set up Meetings with Ease Using Virtual Board Room Software.

When Board Portal Software Is Also Mobile-Friendly (which Is the Case with Many Providers), Committee Members Can Stay in Touch and Participate in Meetings Regardless of Where They Happen to Be.

Different Ways to Implement a Board Portal

A Board Portal Can Be Hosted Locally or In the Cloud. if You Choose to Use a Portal that Is Hosted on Your Own Premises, You Will Be Using a Closed System. You Have Complete Control Over the Software and Data Because It Is All Stored on Your Own Servers.

In Contrast, Cloud-Based Board Portal Solutions Move Data Storage to An External Service. in Most Cases, You’ll Also Use Third-Party Board Portal Management Software.

Each Choice Comes with Its Own Set of Advantages and Disadvantages.

On-premise deployment


Admin Access to All of Your Server’s Hardware Settings
Privacy Concerns May Be Alleviated, Bandwidth Needs May Be Reduced

  • Installation and Upkeep Costs Are Higher, and A Large It Staff Is Needed. Additionally, Scalability Is Limited, and The System Is Slower to Adapt to New Demands.
    Benefits of Cloud Deployment:
  • Quickly Deployable, Requiring Little in The Way of Specialized It Resources, and Able to Scale as Needed, This Solution Provides Superior Protection Against Ransomware and Similar Attacks via Backups and Data Encryption without Requiring a Hefty Upfront Financial Commitment.


  • Board Portal Software that Requires Internet Access and For Which You Must Rely on A Third Party to Provide You with Any Form of Control Over the Board.
  • When It Comes to Security, Cloud Systems Have Come a Long Way in The Past Few Years, Making On-Premise Solutions Less Popular. Most Modern Board Portals Use Robust Data Encryption Technology and Other Tools to Protect the Portal’s Contents and Users.
  • If You Don’t Have Extensive In-House It Resources, Cloud-Based Deployment Is the Safer Option for Your Board Management Software Because It Eliminates the Need for Constant On-Site Maintenance.

Conference Calls and Telework Are the Norms.

Since More People Are Working Remotely, More Innovative Approaches Have Been Required, Such as Board Portals, Video Conferencing Software, and Noise-Cancelling Apps. However, Why Are Board Portals so Important in A Remote Workforce? That’s Because of A Few Different Factors.

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The Beginning of The Pandemic Meant that Suddenly Thousands of Employees Were Connecting Into Their Work Platforms from Home.

The Convenience of Remote Collaboration, However, Has Led to A Decrease in Security Measures, as People Have Become More Accustomed to Using Less Secure Methods of Communication (such as Their Own Laptops and Wi-Fi at Home).

Criminal Cyber Espionage, Ransomware Attacks, and Other Forms of Online Malice Have Skyrocketed in Recent Years, Making the Need for Secure Solutions More Pressing than Ever.

An Online Board of Directors Portal Is Useful in This Regard. Board Portals Solve This Critical Problem of Telecommuting by Giving Board Members a Central Hub for All Their Data, Transactions, Meetings, and Communications to Take Place in An Encrypted and Secure Environment.


Even Though There Are Some Drawbacks to Holding Board Meetings Online, There Is Consensus that The Convenience and Adaptability They Provide Are Unparalleled. It Used to Be Frowned upon For a Large Number of Directors to Tune in To a Meeting Remotely, but These Days, It’s Common Practice.

Spend Less Time Traveling to And from Remote Meetings and Conferences Thanks to User-Friendly Boardroom Software or A Board Meeting App.


Time and Money Savings Are a Major Perk of Online Meetings Compared to In-Person Ones. It’s Possible to Save a Lot of Money by Switching to Online Meetings and Using Board Portal Software. There Will Be No Costs Associated with Transportation or Lodging for Your Board Members, Etc.

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All of Your Business-Related Activities, Such as Sharing Information with Coworkers, Holding Meetings, Taking Minutes, Requesting Dedicated Servers, and So On, Can Be Consolidated Into One Convenient Location with The Help of A Good Virtual Boardroom.

It’s Important to Keep Sensitive Information Safe, and Some Board Portal Software Allows You to Integrate These Safeguards with Video Conferencing Platforms.

Learning to Use Board Portal Applications

You Can Envision Your Team Working Efficiently in One Safe, Consolidated Location as Soon as You Choose a Board Portal Provider.

The Shift from The Real World to The Digital One Isn’t Always Seamless, Though. to Be Honest, There May Be Some Growing Pains for Everyone Involved.

To Get the Most out Of Your Board Portal Solution, You’ll Need a Solid Onboarding Plan. It Is Important to Make the Most of The Available Resources and Staff when Implementing Your Board Portal.

Group Specializing in Information Technology

To Begin, You Might Want to Have Some of Your It Department’s Employees Assist with The Integration. This Will Help Guarantee that Your Board of Directors Is Easily Incorporated Into the New Platform and That No Vital Tasks Are Overlooked.

Test Runs and Demonstrations

To Help Your Board Get Used to The Virtual Boardroom, It Probably Offers a Free Trial Period or Extensive Demonstration Videos and Presentations.

You Should Use These Features to Learn how The System Functions and Determine if It Meets Your Requirements. Avoid Being Caught Off Guard by Unfamiliar Features of Your Software with The Help of A Demo of The Board Portal.

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Intense Help

There May Be Some Resistance to New Board Portals Among Older, Less Tech-Savvy Board Members. This Can Be an Obstacle that Prevents You from Getting the Most out Of Your Board and Committee Meetings.

If Your Board Portal Software Provides Dedicated Support and Training, However, You Can Schedule In-Person Meetings or Webinars to Get Everyone on The Same Page and Using the System Effectively.

Some Other Considerations

Integrating Your Board Meetings, Document Management, and Information Sharing Into a Single Portal Is Not Something You Can Do Overnight. to Ensure Success, Remember the Following Factors.

A Filing and Retrieval System

While It May Take Some Time to Consolidate All of The Board’s Materials from Different Divisions Into One Place Online, You Can Get a Head Start by Creating a Prioritized List of The Documents You’ll Need and Organizing Them Into Logical Subfolders, Sections, and Indexes.

If You Take the Time to Organize a Dedicated Board Portal Space in Advance, You’ll Be Amazed at How Much Quicker and Easier It Is to Find the Information and Materials You Need When You Need Them. Managing a Board Meeting Effectively Requires Careful Preparation.

Access Control Settings

When Using a Board Portal, You Can Protect Sensitive Information by Setting Permissions for Individual Folders and Board Documents. You Can Set the Permissions for Other Members’ Accounts so That They Can only View, Comment On, Edit, Download, Etc. Specific Files or Folders.

Protecting Sensitive Documents and Maintaining Good Governance Are Top Priorities, and The Best Board Portal Software Will Give You Access to All the Tools You Need to Make Those Happen.




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