Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS): The first day of the first season is over, know the condition, highlights and details of all the teams

Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS): The first day of the first season is over, know the condition, highlights and details of all the teams

As of this writing, Battlegrounds Mobile India is hosting the League Stage of Season 1 of the BMPS (BGMI). After two days of this league stage, it concluded last night. Let us fill you in on the details of yesterday’s multimillion-dollar tournament.

For the second day in a row, Team Soul has dominated this BGMI competition. This team has 61 kills and 123 points, putting them in first place at the end of day two. In case you were wondering, the same team finished first on day one as well.

How Was the Team?

Second place goes to OR Esports with 45 kills and 98 points. TEAM XO has also competed in 8 matches, achieving a third-place finish with 48 kills and 88 points. When compared to the very first day, this group is ahead of the game.

With 45 kills and 86 points in 8 games, Hyderabad Hydras is in fourth place. Big Brother Esports is currently in fifth place with a total of 46 kills and 85 points after 8 matches. This group has dropped ground since day one.

These Two Teams Benefit

After the second day of the tournament, Autobots Esports is ranked sixth. With 81 points and 29 kills, he’s done quite well. The seventh-ranked team, Global Esports, has 79 points on the board thanks to 52 kills.

R Esports is currently in eighth place with a kill count of 36 and a point total of 75. Both of these last two squads are better off now than they were on day one. Now that BMPS 2022 is three days in, tonight will reveal a team’s health after three days of competition.

First Season Schedule

Season 1 of the Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series will begin tomorrow night, May 19th, and run through next Sunday, May 22nd.

Therefore, we are now halfway through the first week of this season. Subsequently, the dates for the second week of May are May 26–May 29. This tournament’s finals will be held from June 9-12, following the third and final week of play (June 2-5).

The first season of the Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS) kicked off yesterday, and there was another fantastic match last night, making it two in as many days. Give us a moment and we’ll fill you in on the team’s performance in the first day’s contests.

First Season Prize List

This competition has a massive pot of money for prizes. Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series has a total prize pool of 2 crores. The prize for the victor is Rs 75 lakh. The losing team in the league stage of this tournament will still receive some sort of prize.

One and a half billion rupees ($300,000) have been set aside as a finals prize pool. The first runner-up will receive 35 Lakhs. As an alternative, the runner-up will receive twenty lakhs of rupees as compensation.

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How to Get Character Vouchers in BGMI

Prior to The Release of New Characters Like Carlo, Sara, and Anna, Character Vouchers Were Made Available in The Game at Specific Times. the Vouchers Were Rewarded for Reaching Certain Game Milestones.

Kill Missions, Distance Missions, and Vehicle Missions Are Just a Few of The Many Options Available.

Another Way to Get Vouchers Is to Log Into the Game Every Day, at Which Point a Certain Number of Vouchers Will Become Available in The Events Menu. if A Voucher Is Claimed and Meets the Criteria for Redeeming a Character, It Can Be Used at Any Time in The Future.

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Knowing how To Get the Character One Wants Is Only Half the Battle; the Other Half Is Staying Abreast of In-Game Announcements and Developments to Take Advantage of The Events Where the Aforementioned Vouchers Are Available. Have Fun Playing Games Forever.


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