Google’s Hangouts Meet is now just Google Meet

Google’s Hangouts Meet is now just Google Meet

If you use Google Hangouts for online meetings, streaming, or just hanging out, you should know that the service is now called Google Meet rather than the previous name, Hangouts Meet.

Google’s Karthik Lakshminarayanan and Smita Hashim, both directors of product management, announced the rebranding yesterday in a Google Cloud blog post.

The blog post refers to the service by its name, Google Meet, and describes the various privacy measures taken by Google Meet to prevent the hijacking of remote meetings. Many help pages, as well, had been updated by Android Police to reflect the new name.

Google has officially changed the name of the service, as confirmed in an email sent to The Verge. In addition, Google has stated that Meet is an individual component of G Suite, the company’s suite of business services that includes Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Drive. The suite also includes Hangouts Chat, the brand’s text messaging service.

It seems that the rebranding is still in the works. As of the time of this writing, the iOS App Store listing and the G Suite landing page both refer to the service as Hangouts Meet by Google. Even though “Meet” is prominently featured as one of G Suite’s included services, “Hangouts Meet” is still mentioned in a separate list.

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many businesses to move their meetings online, which has contributed to Google Meet’s meteoric rise in popularity just as the rebranding was being completed.

According to a Google announcement at the end of last month, Google Meet now has 25 times as many users as it did in January, and the service is adding more than 2 million every day.

What’s the Best Google-Powered Chat App?

Over the years, Google has released more than a dozen separate voice and text chat apps. Google Talk and Wave have disappeared for good, Allo failed quickly, and I’m sure there are others we’re forgetting.

It’s hard to say which apps will be around in a few decades. What’s the best Google chat app? The features of each app are briefly described below.

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Duo by Google

To have brief video chats with a single person

Are you one of the many who has wished that FaceTime was available on Android devices? Or that the bloatware features of Google Hangouts were optional? The video chat app you’ve been waiting for is Google Duo.

In terms of user-friendliness, Duo is at the top of the heap among video chat programs. Simply launch the app, select a contact, and start chatting in full-screen video within seconds. You can use to make calls from your computer as well.

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Using Android’s built-in support for texting and multimedia messaging

Using an Android device and want to send text or multimedia messages? When it comes to Android apps, this one is tops. It may seem basic at first, but it actually provides Android users with a convenient way to send and receive texts while at their computers.

Additionally, you may be able to activate chat features to allow for more sophisticated features like reading receipts and Wi-Fi messaging, though this will vary by carrier. Although Google Allo is a step in the right direction, it is not yet an iMessage replacement for Android.


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