Ranni Ending Explained: What Actually Happens with Ranni’s Age of Stars Ending?

Ranni Ending Explained

Aimee-Ffion Edwards provides the voice of Ranni the Witch in the year 2022 for the video game Elden Ring.

A powerful witch, Empyrean, and anti-villain, she possesses the humanoid doll form of a major antagonist from the game and seeks to replace the Greater Will, the Outer God responsible for creating the Elden Ring, with the power of the Dark Moon.

She is the driving force behind everything that happens in Elden Ring, and her actions set in motion one of the game’s primary quest lines, which leads to the secret “Age of Stars” ending in which the player character marries into the royal family.

After injuring her mother, Queen Rennala, the player faces off against one of her frost-based sorcery-focused magical projections.

Ranni is a cold and commanding leader who assists the player under the guise of Renna. She cares deeply for her guardian, Blaidd the Half-Wolf, and won’t let go of his side no matter what.

Both characters have been cited as fan favorites, with Ranni receiving particular acclaim for her design and moral ambiguity.

How Many Endings Can You Unlock in Elden Ring?

Ranni Ending Explained

There appear to be six possible conclusions to Elden Ring. The game’s ending is ultimately up to you, but there are ways to play that open up multiple possibilities by the time you reach the climax with one notable exception, which we’ll get to in a bit.

To be fair, there appears to be a potential seventh ending in the game, dubbed “the Age of Absolution ending” at the moment.

However, it is currently unclear whether this alleged conclusion is true or just an urban legend based on erroneous data mining.

We will update this post if we find out more about the rumored Age of Absolution ending or any other hidden endings in Elden Ring.

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The Age of Fracture Ending Explained

Ranni Ending Explained

This is the typical or “basic” conclusion to Elden Ring. The Elden Ring is fixed, and you ascend to the throne of Elden.

This conclusion is accompanied by a voiceover that says things like, “The fallen leaves tell a story of how a Tarnished became Elden Lord,” and “Our seed will look back upon us and recall an Age of Fracture.”

This appears to be one of the “good” endings in Elden Ring at first glance. As a bare minimum, it’s the ending in which you accomplish the goal laid out for you at the beginning of the game.

You have become Elden Lord, the Elden Ring has been repaired, and the Age of Fracture appears to be over. Fans have pointed out that in previous Soulsborne endings, when your character achieved a position of apparent power, there was usually a catch.

Given the ominous connotations of the Elden Lord title and the peculiar events that led to the throne’s abandonment, one might conclude that this setup is more sinister than it first appears.

How much of your life do you get to spend as a pawn? Are you just inviting corruption or even death upon yourself by assuming the title of Elden Lord? When a Tarnished becomes Elden Lord, what will happen to Elden? The multiple possible outcomes in Elden RIng suggest that the “best” ending may depend on how you weigh the information you gather and the characters you meet.

Ultimately, I doubt that your fate will be decided by this choice of ending. This seems to be the most direct and logical conclusion in many ways, but I’m interested to see what lore hunters find out about the precise nature of this arrangement.


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