Skype New Noise Cancellation Feature: How To Activate It During Calls?

Skype new noise cancellation feature: How to activate it during calls

Improve the quality of your desktop video calls with Skype’s new noise cancellation feature. In a company blog post, the developers described how the noise cancellation feature is achieved through the use of deep neural networks that have been specifically trained to filter out background noise without altering the speaker’s voice.

The function debuted in Microsoft Teams and has since been ported to Skype. “The latest version of the Skype desktop app, which includes the new background noise suppression feature, has been released.

This new function was originally created for Microsoft Teams but can now be used in Skype meetings to ensure that only your voice is heard “Recognized by Skype. For the time being, the noise cancellation feature is only accessible in the desktop version of Skype (Windows and Mac only).

In Order to Activate Skype’s Active Noise Cancellation, Users Must Do the Following:

  • Join or sign in to Skype.
  • Select “Profile” > “Settings” > “Audio & Video.”
  • Click the “Audio” menu item.
  •  To disable background noise, choose that option.
  • Noise cancellation can be set to automatic, low, or high.
  • Turning the toggle off will also disable it.

While traditional noise suppression algorithms are limited to addressing simple, consistent noises like that of a fan, the neural networks that power Skype’s noise cancellation are able to learn the difference between speech and other, more complex, inconsistent noises like typing on a keyboard, the crunch of a food wrapper, and a howling dog.

Skype new noise cancellation feature: How to activate it during calls

“This so-called artificial intelligence (AI) technology uses machine learning (ML) to distinguish between natural speech and background noise (AI). Our ML model is trained on a generic dataset so that it can assist our Skype users in a wide variety of scenarios.

The dataset must include a wide variety of clean speech, noise types, and user-reported environments from which they joined online calls “A note was taken on Skype.
Moreover, it stressed that it did not use customer data for the datasheet, but rather the publicly available one.

Skype stated that it included both male and female voices, as well as data from over languages (including tonal languages), to produce natural-sounding speech.

It was also mentioned that there are over 150 different noise types in Skype’s database to accommodate the wide variety of situations our users may encounter, from typing on a keyboard to the sound of running water to the sound of snoring. It also incorporated emotional states into the data so that they would not be lost during the noise-cancellation process.

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How to Reduce Background Noise in Skype Calls?

The Use of A Noise-Canceling Skype Add-On, Such as Krisp, Is Another Option for Those Who Want to Avoid Distractions Caused by Ambient Sound. You Can Have a More Pleasant Conferencing Experience on Skype with The Help of This Handy App.

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Krisp Noise Cancelling App for Skype

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