Telegram Premium Appears in Beta with Exclusive Stickers and Emojis

Telegram premium appears in beta with exclusive stickers and emojis

Telegram is monetizing its platform by introducing a premium plan that will give users access to additional emojis and stickers. The Telegram Beta Channel, which announces new features, reports that the iOS 8.7.2 beta includes a new set of stickers and reaction emoji that can be accessed “by subscribing to Telegram Premium.”

Telegram Premium does not exist at the moment. The Verge notes that those who have the latest Telegram TestFlight build have the option of sending “exploding heart” and “flying ghost” reactions.

It seems that not only the sender of a premium sticker or emoji but also the recipient will require Telegram Premium in order to view it. To view a premium emoji, a “Telegram Free user” will be prompted to upgrade to Telegram Premium, even if you send it to them.

Telegram’s premium plans have been spotted on the iOS beta app, but pricing and release details are currently unknown. There are no hints about whether or not this feature will come to Android, or when it might be released.

Pavel Durov, Telegram’s founder, stated in late 2020 that his company would not follow the path of WhatsApp and eventually disappear. Next year, “Telegram will start making money.”

He went as far as to hint that the platform “will add some new features for business teams or power users that would come at a price” and that advertisements would be made available in the platform’s major channels.

Meanwhile, the Telegram Open Network (TON) Foundation has just released cryptocurrency payment support. The official wallet bot for Telegram, which facilitates the purchase, exchange, and transfer of cryptocurrencies, is now available for download.

Telegram premium appears in beta with exclusive stickers and emojis

Moreover, Telegram has released a number of new features, such as an auto-delete chat option, refined picture-in-picture controls, and a more refined Bot setup, to improve the user experience and enhance privacy.

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In the latest update to the beta version of Telegram, premium stickers and reactions have been added.
According to the Telegram Beta Channel, new emoticons and stickers are available in the beta version of the iOS app (8.7.2). Telegram has recently introduced a premium membership tier called Premium.

These premium stickers and reactions are locked behind a banner that reads “Unlock additional reactions and premium stickers” and can only be accessed by paying subscribers. To gain entry, one must register.

However, there is currently no information regarding the pricing or availability of the subscription plan. Android Police reports that among the available stickers and reactions are “crying duck,” “clown,” “thumbs down,” and “many more.” See for yourself what features are accessible here.

It has been reported that Telegram Premium will launch for iOS users first and then make its way to Android users later. However, it is still unclear when the public will be able to access this premium subscription service.

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Like other social media sites, Telegram is attempting to make money by using a model borrowed from elsewhere. The undo function was one of the premium, subscriber-only features added to Twitter’s Blue tier early last year.


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