The Fallout Ending Explained: Why the Ending Is so Devastating?

The Fallout Ending Explained

The Prisoner’s final episode, “Fall Out,” is the 17th and final episode of the British science fiction anthology series.

Patrick McGoohan, who also played the incarcerated Number Six, wrote and directed the film.

First shown on ITV Scottish Television on Thursday, 1 February 1968 it also aired on ATV Midlands and Grampian the following day, and on CBS in the United States on Friday, 21 September 1968, the episode has aired around the world multiple times since.

Instead of the lengthy opening sequence usually seen at the beginning of an episode, this one simply recaps the events of the previous episode, “Once Upon a Time.”

Portmeirion, the series’ primary outdoor location, is specifically credited in the opening titles for the first and only time in this episode.

This is due to a pact made with Portmeirion’s architect, Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, to keep the location secret until the series finale.

Plot Summary

the fallout ending explainedNumber Six wins a battle of wills with Number Two in “Once Upon a Time,” seemingly at the expense of Number Two’s life, and then asks to be taken to see Number One.

The Supervisor leads him into a vast underground room that contains a British assembly hall filled with masked delegates the Supervisor joins them and a large metallic cylinder fitted with a mechanical eye labeled “1.”

After being escorted to a large, ornate throne, Six takes his place in the audience. Even though Number Six has passed the “ultimate test” and won the “right to be individual,” the “transfer of ultimate power” still requires some formalities to be carried out by a master of ceremonies “the President”.

Number Two’s body is brought to the chamber in the cage where he died, where he is resuscitated and given a makeover by the medical staff.

The assembly is shown two examples of “revolt;” Number Two and Number Forty-eight, a young man dressed in the latest fashion.

Eventually, the group is able to restrain Number Forty-eight by singing “Dem Bones” in unison. Number Two admits he was taken to the Village and defiantly spits in the direction of the mechanical eye.

Both of the men have been removed. The President then introduces Number Six, who represents the third type of uprising, but as “a revolutionary of a different caliber” who deserves to be respected.

It is revealed that the London residence of Number Six is being readied for his return, and he is given a million in traveler’s cheques, along with petty cash, a passport, and the keys to his home and car.

The President says Six is free to go wherever he pleases, but he hopes Six will remain to serve as a leader.

The President then invites Number Six to speak, but his every “I” is met with a chorus of “Aye!” from the crowd. Six is demonstrated inside the metal tube.

He hands over three clear tubes, labeled “Orbit,” containing the numbers 2, 48, and an empty tube. After making his way up some stairs, he discovers a masked, robed man watching footage of “Number Six” from a surveillance camera.

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the fallout ending explained

When Six removes the mask, he reveals a man who looks remarkably like himself, but underneath is a gorilla mask. The cloaked person makes their way up a hatch.

Concluding that the cylinder is a rocket similar to the one in “The Girl Who Was Death,” Six locks the hatch and secures it. He starts its countdown, causing the President and Assembly to freak out; as a result, they decide to evacuate the Village.

Freed by Number Six, Numbers 2 and 48, along with the Butler, they open fire on armed guards and make their way to the caged room, which turns out to be on the bed of a Scammell Highwayman low loader.

As the rocket blasts off from the deserted village, they speed away. After being exposed to the flames of the rocket’s exhaust, Rover the Village’s security deflates and is destroyed to the tune of “I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi I Like You Very Much”.

All four of them get in a car and head for London. While approaching the city, Number Forty-eight gets off and starts hitchhiking. The truck is stopped by the police near the Palace of Westminster.

Three of them give up and go their separate ways. The butler takes number six back to his house, where his Lotus 7 is waiting, as number two enters the Palace through the Peers’ Entrance.

Akin to the automatic doors in the Village, Number Six drives off in his car as the Butler enters his home.

At the close of the episode, we hear the thunderclaps from the series’ opening sequence and see the opening shot of Number Six driving on a country road.

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Ending Explained

the fallout ending explained

Her therapist advised that she try out an affirmation, and she does so with definite results. Like her parents, she opens up to her sister. She tells her dad she’s in pain.

In return, he shows her how to release her tension. Vada tells her mom about her problems with drugs, alcohol, and sex, and her mom doesn’t know how to handle it.

Obviously, Vada is once again communicating, but the things she suggested to her mother are understandably too major for a parent to deal with.

In the aftermath of the disastrous kiss he shared with Vada, her relationship with Prick remains tense, and Quinton no longer makes an appearance on the quilt.

Contrarily, as they both come out of their shells, her friendship with Mia appears to be going in a unique direction. As soon as Vada receives word of yet another school shooting, this time in Ohio, she begins to unravel.

Vada loses all of the progress made since the incident and is left all alone with their fear and trauma.

As mass shootings on college campuses have become all too common, survivors like Vada find themselves hopelessly trapped in the aftermath of these events.

If they make it past the first round of shots, they’ll still be dragged in as extras for the next shoot.


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