Twitter’s Edit Feature May Let Users Keep Track of Tweet History

Twitter’s Edit Feature May Let Users Keep Track of Tweet History

Editing a tweet using Twitter’s upcoming edit button could leave a digital trace of your tweet’s history, according to to reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong. Manchun Wong writes that Twitter may generate a completely new tweet whenever an existing one is edited, while still retaining all of the previous versions of the tweet.

According to Manchun Wong, Twitter “re-creates a new Tweet with the amended content, along with the list of the old Tweets prior to that edit.” This is in contrast to other social media platforms, which “mutate the Tweet text within the same Tweet” (same ID), in order to make the edit.

Manchun Wong points out that it is not yet clear how, if at all, users will see a tweet’s edit history. But if Twitter does decide to make tweet history public, it could be a way to address concerns over potential abuse of the feature, as some critics believe it could be used to alter the public record and mislead users.

Also, screenshots of what the edit button might look like on Twitter were tweeted out by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi. Paluzzi illustrates how the “Edit Tweet” option might appear in the three-dot menu to the right of your tweets in one screenshot.

When you click the button, you’ll be taken to a screen very similar to Twitter’s standard tweet composer; however, the text of your tweet will already be there, and “Update” will appear in the bottom right corner. Paluzzi’s screenshots don’t show an option to view a tweet’s edit history, however.

There may or may not be a tweet history tracker, but Twitter hasn’t confirmed it. “Nothing else to share at the moment beyond what is in this Tweet from @TwitterComms and this Tweet from @JaySullivan, VP of Consumer Product,” Twitter spokesperson Anna Hubatsch said in an emailed statement to The Verge.

After seemingly joking about the feature on April Fool’s Day, Twitter finally confirmed earlier this month that it is developing the much-desired edit button.

But just before Twitter’s official confirmation, Tesla CEO Elon Musk polled his followers about an edit button after disclosing his purchase of a 9.2 percent stake in Twitter, becoming Twitter’s largest individual shareholder.

Since then, Musk has made an offer to buy out Twitter, served on the company’s board of directors, and then resigned. Shareholders of Twitter are currently attempting to use a “poison pill” to prevent Musk’s buyout.

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Tweet Revisions Will Be Archived Thanks to Twitter’s Edit Feature.

Twitter Has Not yet Explained the Functionality of The Upcoming Edit Button, but Reverse Engineer Jane Manchun Wong Has Found Clues in The App’s Code that Suggest how It May Operate.

She Then Posted Her Findings on Twitter, Where She Explained that Editing a Tweet Could Result in The Creation of A Brand New Tweet. This means the Integrity of The Original Tweet Will Be Preserved on Any Embedded Sites.

According to Her Analysis, “looks Like Twitter’s Approach to Edit Tweet Is Immutable, as In, Instead of Mutating the Tweet Text Within the Same Tweet (same Id), It Re-Creates a New Tweet with The Amended Content, Along with The List of Old Tweets Prior to That Edit.”

For the Record, Twitter’s Strategy for Editing Tweets Involves Saving the Unaltered Version of The Post and Re-Publishing the Edited Version as A Separate Tweet. That’s Not Dissimilar from The Operation of Certain Third-Party Twitter Clients.

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A Tweet Can Be Edited in Twitterrific, but It Doesn’t Work the Way You Might Expect; Instead, It Deletes the Original and Replaces It with Your Revisions.

Some Other Crucial Particulars, Such as How Long a Tweet Can Be Published Before It Can No Longer Be Edited, Are Unknown. Twitter Has Stated that It Will Provide Additional Details About the Edit Button and Its Associated Features at A Later Time, Though It Has Not been Specified When.


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