Uncharted Ending Explained: What Happened to Sam?

Uncharted Ending Explained

Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment have collaborated on a series of action-adventure games titled Uncharted.

The Uncharted series, developed by Amy Hennig, centers on a band of treasure hunters who travel the globe to solve historical puzzles.

Aside from real historical figures and events, the series also includes elements of fantasy and folklore, and fictional characters.

While Nathan Drake takes the reins in the main series, Chloe Frazer is in charge of the expansion.

Most games are played from a third-person perspective, with the primary gameplay revolving around combat, shooting, exploring, and puzzle-solving; platforming is used to get around.

Multiplayer modes, ranging from competitive to cooperative, stealth gameplay, and driving mechanics all made their way into later releases.

The game Uncharted is well-known for its exotic settings, which were inspired by other games, movies, and other media.

A live-action film, board games, comics, and a novel are just some of the adaptations of the series that have been released.

What Happened to Sam in The Uncharted Ending?

Uncharted Ending Explained

Despite the fact that Nathan is led to believe that Sam is dead, the events of Uncharted‘s conclusion show that he is, in fact, still alive and imprisoned.

Sam is seen in the shadows sending Nathan cryptic postcards, but his fate and the identity of the actor portraying him are not revealed until after the credits roll in Uncharted.

The film doesn’t go into detail about what led to Sam’s incarceration, but the games may shed light on the matter.

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Why Sam Is in Prison at The End of Uncharted?

Uncharted Ending Explained

Although the plot of the Uncharted film differs from that of the video games, the fact that it is a prequel raises the possibility that future installments will be more faithful to the source material.

Sam and Nathan, in search of the pirate Henry Avery‘s loot, end up in a Panamanian prison in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. During their attempt to flee, Sam is separated from the group, shot, and left behind.

The two men escape, with Nathan assuming that Sam is dead and Sam’s survival being revealed to him fifteen years later.

Drake, played by Tom Holland, is told by Sully that his brother Sam was killed by Braddock, but in the game’s post-credits scenes, it’s revealed that Sam is actually still alive.

There are a number of subtle parallels between Sam’s fate in the games and this. The events of Uncharted 4 leave open the possibility that Sam lived through his encounter with Braddock and was subsequently captured while on the hunt for a different treasure.

While the reasons for Sam’s incarceration at the end of Uncharted have not yet been revealed, similarities between his story in the film and the games suggest that the film may be faithful to the source.

Uncharted 4’s post-credits scenes set the stage for a potential sequel to investigate the story of Sam’s apparent death and imprisonment.

If the reason for Sam’s fate at the end of Uncharted is revealed to be faithful to his video game counterpart, it would help to organically bring future movies more in line with the source material.

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Uncharted Second Credit Scene Explained

Uncharted Ending Explained

While there is no earth-shattering information revealed in the post-credits scene like Sam’s survival, we do get to see Sully sporting a mustache, just like his video game counterpart.

At some point after the events of the film, we rejoin Nate as he negotiates with a man named Gage played by .Pilou Asbaek

Nate wants an old Nazi treasure map from Gage, and Gage works for someone who wants Nate’s ring that once belonged to Sir Francis Drake.

Gage betrays Nate by keeping the ring and the map for himself, but Sully, armed with his mustache and his cat Mr. Whiskers, arrives in time to save Nate.


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