Unlimited storage will not be available to back up WhatsApp on Google Drive!

Unlimited storage will not be available to back up WhatsApp on Google Drive!

We can all agree that having enough space for backups is crucial. There’s no point in trying to back up WhatsApp to Google Drive if you don’t have enough space there.

Unfortunately, Google Drive’s free cloud storage is only 15GB and is shared with other Google Apps. Google Drive’s free storage space will be quickly exhausted if you decide to back up your data there. The professional cloud backup software CBackup is highly recommended if you don’t want to pay for a subscription plan.

Combined Cloud Storage is a fantastic bonus that comes standard with CBackup, a trustworthy cloud backup service. CBackup’s handy multi-Google-Drive-account support means you can combine as many of your Google Drive accounts as you like into a single user dashboard.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of Google’s limitless storage for backups by setting up tasks to be sent directly to the Combined Cloud.

Let’s Take a Look at How to Use CBackup to Consolidate Multiple Google Drives Into a Single Account in The Cloud:

  • First, get CBackup, create an account, and sign in.
  • Then, select the option to “Add Clouds” under “My Storage.”
  • Third, choose Google Drive, and then press the Add button. The number of accounts you can add is unlimited.
  • Follow these steps: 4. Navigate to your account’s storage area, and then click the + Add Combined Cloud button.
  • Click the Next button after selecting the Google Drive accounts you wish to combine. Sort these Google accounts in the order in which you’d like them back up, and then click Combine.
  • Assuming you followed the steps above, step 6 will result in the addition of a Combined Cloud to your clouds list. Choose the Combined Cloud as your backup target to access the vast Google storage facility.

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Receipts for WhatsApp Messages

It’s not a huge shock that Google Drive will no longer let you store unlimited copies of your WhatsApp conversations. There must be a significant cost to Google for offering unlimited backup, considering the size of some WhatsApp conversations and the amount of multimedia content people share.

The service has been called a “loophole” in the Google Drive system because it allows users to effectively store an unlimited number of photos and videos (and chats) by simply sending them to contact via WhatsApp.

Additionally, Google has recently shifted its marketing efforts to focus more on its premium Google One subscription, which combines cloud storage, phone backup, Android VPN, and other features.

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By reading this article, you should be able to resolve the “WhatsApp cannot backup to Google Drive” problem. Keep in mind that CBackup offers free, much more capacious backup space than Google Cloud Storage.


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