Share Wifi Password Iphone: How To Share a Wi Fi Password on IPhone?

Share Wifi Password Iphone

If everyone is using iPhones, there’s no need to bother with the usual combination of letters and numbers that make up a WiFi password.

If you’d rather, you can try passing around your iPhone’s WiFi password. Rather than having to remember a string of characters, you can simply tap the icon to connect to a public Wi-Fi network without the need for a password.

How to Share a Wi-Fi Password on I Phone

Share Wifi Password Iphone

Sharing a WiFi password between iPhones requires physical proximity of the gadgets.

Make sure your WiFi and Bluetooth are both active, that you are both in each other’s contact lists, and that your Apple ID supports sharing passwords with others.

To Share Passwords Between iPhones:

1. On each phone, make sure WiFi and Bluetooth radios are switched on. For WiFi, you can check it in Settings > Wi-Fi and toggle the switch on.

2. For Bluetooth, go to Settings > Bluetooth and toggle the switch on.

3. Ensure both owners’ Apple ID is in the other’s Contacts. If you don’t have each other’s Apple ID in the Contacts list, the sharing will not work. To do this, both of you will need to open your contacts and add the other’s Apple ID email address. This feature will also work for devices that share the same Apple ID.

4. Connect the phone you’re sharing a password from to the WiFi network if it isn’t already

5. Next, on the phone, if you want to connect to the network, tap the WiFi network name from the list.

6. The password prompt for the Wi-Fi network will come up. Note the message letting you know you can access it by bringing the phone nearby.

7. Unlock your phone if it isn’t already and place it near the other iPhone you’re sharing the password. A screen will come up from the bottom of the screen, prompting you to share the WiFi password. Tap the Share Password button.

8. The password for the WiFi network will copy over to the password and will autofill it on the other phone so that you can join the network. After it’s complete and your phone connects to the network, a success message will appear—tap Done.

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Connecting an iPhone to WiFi

Share Wifi Password Iphone

Following the aforementioned steps, you can easily and quickly share your iPhone’s WiFi password with others.

Just make sure the two gadgets are always close together. Your Bluetooth radios will work best if they are in close proximity to one another; they don’t have to be on top of each other, but they do need to be in the same general area.

This function is useful if a guest needs to access your network without having to enter a complicated password.

The most important thing to remember in case this doesn’t work is to add each other’s Apple IDs to your contact list.

Have trouble keeping track of your passwords? iPhone users can access their saved passwords in Safari, while Android users can look up their Wi-Fi information directly within the operating system. Passwords are also straightforward to locate on macOS.


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