Spotify Blend: What Is Spotify Blend and How to Make a Spotify Blend Playlist with Your Friends!

spotify blend

Spotify developed a feature called “Blend” playlists. A collaborative playlist is a playlist that contains music from multiple users’ libraries and can be created on Spotify.

Blends will replace the previous Family playlists on Spotify. These playlists are updated daily and feature a variety of songs from both of your music collections.

How to Create a Blend Playlist?

Spotify Blend

If you want to use the Blend playlist feature, you’ll need the most recent version of the
Spotify app.
If you can’t do it alone, try to recruit a pal to help you put together a playlist. How to make one by following these instructions:

1. Go to the Search tab and type in “Blend.”

2. Tap on the Blend genre.

3. Tap on Create a Blend at the top.

4. Tap on the Invite button.

5. You can send the link to someone else through messages, email, or copy it to share anywhere.

6. Once they join the Blend, you’ll be able to find the playlist in your library.

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Make a Blend Playlist With An Artist

These Blend playlists are great because you can make your own Blends with music from some of your favorite artists.

In this way, you can discover which of your favorite musicians and bands your personal music collection most closely resembles.

It’s simple to create one of these; all you need is an invite link from the artist you want to collaborate with on the Blend playlist.

You can find invite links for artists like Charli XCX and BTS on a Spotify blog post, or you can check the artist’s profile page.

Now that you’ve located the source, proceed as described below.

1. Tap the link to open the invite in the Spotify app.

2. Tap on Go to Blend.

3. Your Blend playlist with the artist will open.

4. You can find the playlist in Your Library under Playlists.

How to Leave a Blend Playlist

Spotify Blend

You are free to leave a Blend at any time if you change your mind about being a part of that particular playlist or if you simply no longer want it associated with your profile.

Simply navigate to the Blend playlist you wish to leave, tap the menu button that appears next to the playlist’s name, and select Leave Blend.

After that point, the playlist will no longer be accessible through your profile or the invite link.

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Use Blend Playlists to Share Music with Friends

Spotify BlendWith daily updates to reflect your evolving listening preferences, these playlists are an excellent way to merge your music collections with those of a friend.

Because your Blend playlist is sure to find what you have in common, it can make choosing music to listen to together a breeze.

Even if your musical tastes are completely different, there is a good chance that songs from each library will fall into the same general category.

Blend playlists can help make even the pickiest of music listeners happy when playing songs with friends.


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