Google Duo: Google Duo Is Becoming Meet!

Google Duo

Google Duo has been around for a while, and in that time, it has grown to become one of the most feature-rich videos calling services out there.

While Google’s Allo was shut down in 2019 due to poor usage, its companion app, Duo, has seen tremendous growth and success since its launch as part of the company’s effort to streamline its messaging strategy by delivering a single app for both text messaging and video chatting.

More than a billion people have used the service, and it comes standard on all Android devices sold today.

Google Duo Is Becoming Meet

Google Duo

Google Duo and Google Meet have merged, and early adopters of Android smartphones can now experience the new features.

This move comes after months of anticipation and conjecture. According to Google, merging its two video calling apps would result in a more robust service that customers of all stripes can benefit from.

Users are already confused by the new app names and features because of the initial integration. Learn more about the new Google Duo and Meet integration right here!

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The Situation with Google Duo and Meet

Google Duo

Google Duo, which debuted in 2016, will be rebranded as Google Meet as part of the search giant’s plan to merge its consumer and business offerings.

Google Duo users who have logged in within the last several weeks have seen a message explaining that the service will soon be rebranded as Meet “with a new name and icon, and more capabilities like backdrop effects.”

Google claims that, aside from the name change, consumers shouldn’t notice much of a difference because the two services already offer very identical functionality.

New capabilities for Google Duo include the ability to start a call with up to 100 people, in-meeting chat, virtual backgrounds, and visual effects.

The most recent version of Google Duo for Android has officially rebranded itself as Google Meet. The blue Google Duo icon that was there before installation will stay there until the program is opened.

When they open the app, they’re greeted with a “Duo has been updated to Meet” notification prompt that, once accepted, updates the app’s aesthetic to reflect the Meet name and logo.

Apparatus for iOS and iPad Although the transition to Meet has not yet occurred for Google Duo users, the company has stated that it plans to do so by the end of September.

Although Google has announced that the Google Duo web app will soon redirect to the Google Meet page, for the time being, it continues to use the original branding.

Users who have already updated like us here at TechRadar Pro are now stuck in a weird in-between state where they have two apps, both named “Google Meet formerly Duo,” installed on their devices.

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How Do I Get It?

Google Duo

For the time being, the Google Duo app listing is still available on the Play Store and iOS App Store.

Users with accounts merely consisting of a phone number will not have access to the new Meet, but anyone with a Google account can try it out and take advantage of all its capabilities.

According to Google, there will be no need for users to download a new app or pay any additional fees because all of their Duo conversation history, contacts, and messages will remain in the app.

Users of Google Duo can be assured that “The latest version of the Duo app for iOS and Android still includes free video calling capabilities. All of your contacts and past conversations are saved.”


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