Battlegrounds Mobile India has crossed 20 million pre-registrations!

Battlegrounds Mobile India has crossed 20 million pre-registrations !!

According to the developer Krafton, 20 million pre-registrations for Battlegrounds Mobile India have been made in just two weeks, raising the level of excitement for PUBG Mobile’s redesigned edition in India to new heights.

Through a social media post, this was disclosed. CH Kim, CEO of Krafton, Inc., commented on the matter, saying, “We would want to convey our sincere thanks to our Indian fans for their overwhelmingly positive reception to the BATTLEGROUNDS IP that I and my team initially developed in 2017.”

Remember that 7.6 million people registered for Battlegrounds Mobile India’s pre-registration on the first day it was offered to Android users on May 18? On the Google Play Store, the battle royale game is still available for pre-registration, and Krafton is providing incentives to encourage more players to do so.

Pre-registration is still not possible for iOS users, though. According to some reports, this could occur shortly, most likely within a few weeks.

The official teasers and rumours provide some insight into the nature of the game. According to rumours, Battlegrounds Mobile India will have PUBG Mobile-inspired maps, including the Erangel map. However, it will be written “Erangle” to avoid confusion with the outlawed game.

Additionally, it is anticipated to have more features, an inventory similar to PUBG Mobile, improved security, and gameplay restrictions.

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The debut date is another thing that is still a secret. According to rumours, this will take place this month and probably launch on June 18. There isn’t any formal news about it yet, though.

“We would want to convey our sincere gratitude to our Indian fans for their enormous response to the Battlegrounds IP that I and my team initially created in 2017,” said CH Kim, CEO of Krafton, Inc.

Players all over the world praised and loved the Battlegrounds IP, and Krafton plans to expand on it. This involves introducing incredible content to Battlegrounds Mobile India and giving our users an unparalleled battle royale experience.

Last month, Krafton made a launch announcement for the game. According to the company’s official press release, the new battle royale game will deliver a “AAA multiplayer gaming experience on mobile.”

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According to previous announcements, the game would offer “unique in-game events, such as outfits and features, and will have its own esports ecosystem with tournaments and leagues.”


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