Last Day to Transfer PUBG Mobile Data to Battlegrounds Mobile India: How To Do It?

Last day to transfer PUBG Mobile Data to Battlegrounds Mobile India, Know here !!

Users of the well-known smartphone game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) can transfer their data from PUBG Mobile to BGMI. Players in India who have an account from the Nordic Map of PUBG Mobile: Livik is eligible for the transfer.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (“New App”) will transfer part of the data from the Prior App account to the New App in order to offer a more seamless gameplay experience for players who have previously played PUBG MOBILE Normdic Map: Livik (“Prior App”), according to the official statement made by BGMI.

How Can Data from PUBG Mobile Be Transferred to BGMI?

  • Enter the game.
  • Accept the Privacy Statement and the Terms of Service.
  • A brand-new character is made.
  • Select “Agree” when a pop-up window asking if you wish to continue with the data transfer appears.
  • Select the SNS account in the previous app from which you wish to transfer data to the new account in the new app after consenting.
  • Verify the data transmission.
  • When the data transfer is successful, you will be informed.

Players should be aware that data transfer can only be done through a Twitter account. “Google Play Games and Facebook (as of November 5 exclusively available to Android users) do not enable logins through embedded browsers. This year’s freshly released game BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA does not support data transfers through Google Play Games accounts “reads the formal statement.

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Find Out Who Can Send The PUBG Data to BGMI.

The account that players have previously used to log in to the PUBG game app will be used for the PUBG data transfer. The only players who can transfer their data online are those who have logged in using their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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It’s possible that gamers using Google Play logins for PUBG won’t be able to move their in-game data to BGMI.

Google does not support sign-in through the embedded browser, which is why. In order to avoid having to register a new account or wait for the transfer to resume with a fresh update, all such players may need to. This, however, cannot be guaranteed.


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