Apple Watch Wont Turn On: Your Apple Watch Won’t Turn On? 10 Quick and Easy Fixes!

Apple Watch Wont Turn On

The Apple Watch is an impressive and useful piece of technology, but like all technology, it has the potential to cause you frustration at some point.

The problems that Apple Watch users face on a regular basis are too numerous to summarize. There have been numerous cases where the Apple Watch simply won’t power on at all.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where pressing the Apple Watch’s side button didn’t activate the display, you’ve come to the right place. Learn everything you need to know to get out of that predicament by reading this article.

Keep reading to learn about some of the most reliable, time-tested methods for activating your Apple Watch without ever setting foot inside an Apple retail store.

First, figure out why your Apple Watch isn’t powering on, then move on to troubleshooting. Now, then, let’s focus on that.

5 Reasons Why Your Apple Watch Won’t Turn on Easily

Apple Watch Wont Turn On

The following are some of the most common causes of your Apple Watch not starting up normally.

There can be several reasons behind your Apple Watch not turning on smoothly as it should be, but the following are some of the most common reasons.

1. Your Apple Watch is short of charge.

The first and most common reason behind the problem can be that the Watch is out of battery. Without enough juice, the Watch won’t turn on at any cost.

Therefore, check your device if it is charged or not. If not, plug it into the charging outlet and recheck it after it gets charged enough.

2. Your Watch has undergone water damage

Although AppleCare covers several damages caused to their device, till now, it does not cover damages induced due to water. Surely some parts of your Apple Watch are water-resistant, but not all.

Therefore, keep your device out of reach of the water as it can also cause your precious watch to refuse to wake up.

3. Your charger or charging cable isn’t working properly

As mentioned in the beginning, not having enough juice is the most common reason why your Apple Watch won’t turn on. But what leads to this situation? It is a faulty charger and/or a different charging cable! Sometimes, it is the charging accessories that are the culprit behind no to nil charge in the Watch

Thus, evaluate your charger and charging cable for any external damage or internal malfunctioning.

Furthermore, it is recommended to avoid using ordinary chargers or non-Apple certified charging accessories to power up your Apple products.

4. Your Apple Watch is frozen

Due to some glitch or outdated version of the operating system, your Watch might just freeze. You will see a black screen with no button working. This is another common reason why your Apple Watch won’t turn on.

5. Your Apple Watch is in Power Reserve or Theater Mode

This also might be the case why your Watch isn’t coming to life. When you set your Apple Watch in Power Reserve mode or Theater mode, features cannot be used beyond the time. Your device seems to be off. The simple solution to get out of this is to press the side button and you are good to go.

Therefore, these were the common reasons why your Apple Watch simply won’t turn on. Surprisingly, no technical support is required to fix the above issues. You can fix all these at home, in the case of a charger, you might need to change it.

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10 Quick Ways to Fix an Apple Watch that Won’t Turn On

Below Are All The Simple and Useful Fixes to Turn on Your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Wont Turn On

1. Charge Your Apple Watch Battery

2. Check your Apple charger and charging outlet

3. Check the charging cable

4. Force restart your Apple Watch

5. Disable Power Reserve

6. Disable Theater Mode

7. Turn off Screen Curtain

8. Turn off VoiceOver

9. Erase Your Apple Watch and pair it with your iPhone Again

10. Contact Apple Watch Service and Repair


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