Look Away Ending Explained: Why Star-Studded Comet Satire Don’t Look up Is a Disaster?

look away ending explained

The Canadian film Look Away previously titled Behind the Glass premiered in 2018 and is a psychological horror drama.

The protagonist, Maria, is a social outcast in high school whose life is turned upside down when she switches bodies with her evil reflection.

Assaf Bernstein wrote and directed the movie, which features India Eisley, Mira Sorvino, and Jason Isaacs.

Plot Summary

Look Away Ending Explained17-year-old Maria Brennan India Eisley is a shy social outcast at her high school. Her classmates ignore her and her friend Mark bullies her John C. MacDonald.

Maria’s one and an only friend are the unpleasant Lily Penelope Mitchell, and she secretly has feelings for Lily’s boyfriend, Sean Harrison Gilbertson.

Maria’s father Dan Jason Isaacs is an emotionally distant plastic surgeon who is also an obsessive perfectionist, and her mother Amy Mira Sorvino is depressed, has recurring nightmares, and refuses to face the reality of her husband’s extramarital affairs.

Unbeknownst to her, Maria stumbles upon a sonogram of twins. Once Maria gets home, she uses the restroom, where she is startled to see that her reflection is suddenly acting on its own.

She tries to talk to her parents about it the next morning, but they dismiss her concerns and send her off to school. Maria’s reflection starts talking to her after she has a dream about her own birth, introducing herself as Airam and telling her that she can end her sadness.

Airam and Maria look alike, but Airam is much more confident, outgoing, and assertive than Maria is. When Maria inquires as to who she is, Airam replies that she has “always been here.”

Later, Maria’s father offers to give her an early birthday present, but when she shows up at his office the next day to collect it, he tells her he plans to perform cosmetic surgery on her to fix her “flaws” instead.

She is devastated, but she finds comfort in Airam’s company and encouragement, which forces her to face her innermost thoughts and emotions. Amy, Maria’s mom, suspects something is wrong with her daughter but is continually silenced by her husband.

Later, Lily takes Maria skating in preparation for the upcoming on-ice winter prom; however, when Maria falls and is unable to get back up, Lily merely taunts her and then abandons her.

Then, Airam reassures and encourages her once more. At the prom, Mark, her bully, finally succeeds in humiliating and assaulting her physically. Maria, devastated, searches the restroom for Airam.

When their lips and palms meet, they are able to switch places. Amy’s mom Amy has a recurring nightmare about labor and delivery. Airam appears to have more self-assurance than Maria does and has even confronted Mark in class.

In order to make Amy confront Dan’s infidelity and their superficial marriage, she sets up a chance encounter between Amy and his mistress. Maria, who can no longer escape the mirror, is appalled by Airam’s actions but, as usual, Airam insists she is only being honest and that Maria must learn to trust her.

Look Away Ending Explained

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She explains to Maria that everyone has a responsibility to make amends for their wrongdoing.

The next time Mark is in the shower, Airam will have already broken his knee. After sneaking off to practice figure skating on his own, Airam decides to take another lesson with Lily, who quickly begins to feel threatened by his behavior.

While being pursued by Airam, Lily slips and falls on the ice, hitting her head on the pavement and resulting in her death.

Maria, distraught, begs to switch partners again in the bathroom later that night, but Airam insists that Lily’s death was accidental and that, deep down, Maria just wanted Lily gone.

Maria inquires as to her identity once more, but Airam simply says, “You know me.” Then, Airam begins an intense relationship with Sean after seducing him. Airam’s reckless lifestyle escalates as he takes up weed, skips class, and drinks heavily.

Sean receives a phone call at the motel, informing him that he and Maria are wanted by the police. Sean starts to get suspicious when Airam won’t leave. As he gathers his belongings and prepares to leave, Airam, overcome by panic, strikes him over the head with a vodka bottle she had brought along.

She is so distraught that she joins Maria in the bathroom and sobs against the mirror. Amy continues to have recurring dreams about giving birth.

It is revealed that Maria had a twin sister named Amy, but that Dan had her put down shortly after birth because of her supposed physical deformities.

After the clinic had closed for the night, Airam pretended to be drunk and confronted Dan there. She undresses to ask whether he would still love her if she were physically altered.

He seems bothered by the question and tries to cover her with a robe, but she keeps pressing him to look at her. When he says “yes” at long last, she cuts his throat open.

She sobs, “Why couldn’t you love me?” as he lies dying. When Airam looks at herself in the mirror, she no longer sees Maria. Airam returns home and, alone and frightened, crawls onto her mother’s bed.

Maria and Airam are shown lying on the bed next to their mother in a series of mirrored burst shots, suggesting that they have become one person.

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Ending Explained

Look Away Ending Explained

Maria refuses to communicate with Airam through the glass after he goes on a killing spree that claims the life of Sean, In The Tall Grass’ Harrison Gilbertson. Instead of facing what she had done as Airam, Maria retreated deep inside herself.

Maria is now fully Airam. For all intents and purposes, Maria was no longer the shy little girl once she lost her innocence. On the other hand, Airam had helped her fully embrace adulthood.

Amy holds one daughter in each of her left and right arms at the end of Look Away. After looking at the two girls separately for a while, Amy finally holds them both at once. The two females are probably in on the same delusion at the moment.

Airam feels guilty for killing a bunch of people and for losing Maria; Amy feels guilty and grief over the death of her other daughter. To alleviate their suffering, both women wish for a twin sister.

Both women are in excruciating pain as a result of Dan’s abuse. Having a twin could mark a fresh start for both people. Amy has one daughter, but she is split into two mental states, so she has to comfort both of them at different times.

Since Amy is also mentally ill, she has decided to accept the reality of both girls. The three lead actors shine in this well-crafted psychological thriller that delves deep into the minds of the mistreated and bullied.

Look Away is ultimately about a dysfunctional family and a disturbed young girl, rather than a supernatural demon or a ghostly double.

Maria’s problems weren’t brought on by anything external, but rather by her own mistreatment. This is currently free for Prime members to watch on Amazon.


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