Silent Hill Ending Explained: What Happens with The Girl?

Silent Hill Ending Explained

The 2006 psychological horror film Silent Hill was directed by Christophe Gans and written by Roger Avary, Gans, and Nicolas Boukhrief. Radha Mitchell, Sean Bean, Laurie Holden, Deborah Kara Unger, Kim Coates, Tanya Allen, Alice Krige, and Jodelle Ferland star in this movie based on the 1999 video game Silent Hill by Konami.

In the film, we watch as Rose brings her adopted daughter Sharon to Silent Hill, where Sharon later weeps while sleepwalking. After arriving in Silent Hill, Rose has an accident and wakes up to discover that Sharon has disappeared.

She battles a local cult and learns more about Sharon’s ties to the town’s murky past as she searches for her missing daughter. Alliance Atlantis released Silent Hill in Canada on April 21, 2006, and Metropolitan Filmexport did the same in France on April 26, 2006.

Over $100 million was made at the box office worldwide, and another $22 million was made from home video sales of DVD and Blu-ray.

Reviewers were largely unfavorable to it. There were four nominations for it at the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards. Silent Hill: Revelation, a sequel, came out on October 26, 2012.

Plot Summary

Silent Hill Ending ExplainedRose and Christopher Da Silva’s adopted daughter Sharon has been having recurring nightmares and sleepwalking episodes involving Silent Hill, a West Virginia town that was abandoned in the 1970s after a massive coal seam fire.

Rose is so determined to find an answer that she takes Sharon there in a last-ditch effort to investigate. When they run into her at a gas station, Cybil Bennett, a police officer, is concerned about her strange behavior.

Upon entering Silent Hill, Rose is knocked unconscious after crashing into a girl who unexpectedly stepped into the road.

After waking up in the eerie Silent Hill dimension, she begins to worry about Sharon’s whereabouts. Rose is looking for Sharon around town, so she decides to follow the girl who looked like Sharon to her just before the crash.

On multiple occasions, the town is transformed into a nightmare setting full of nonhuman monsters like the terrifying Pyramid Head.

Rose is encountered by Cybil, and she tries to arrest her, but on the way to the police station, they discover that they are trapped because of a mysterious cliff blocking the only exit from town.

Rose meets a wide variety of nonhuman beings and learns about a young girl named Alessa Gillespie who was burned as a witch by the Brethren, a local Manichaean cult. Dahlia, her mother, is an outcast because she is haunted by the knowledge that her carelessness caused Alessa’s pain.

Christopher and the police officer Thomas Gucci look all over the deserted town in the real world, but they don’t find anything. The town seems to them to be just a broken down, deserted place, with no fog or creatures to be found.

Following the events, Gucci reveals that he was a Silent Hill resident and rescued Alessa from the blaze. He tells Christopher he should give up his fruitless search. Rose runs into the girl again in the Silent Hill dimension; this time, she reveals that she is an aspect of Alessa.

Rose, Cybil, and a Brethren member named Anna try to take refuge in an abandoned church before the town descends into the dark dimension, but Pyramid Head pursues them there and catches and flays Anna alive.

Silent Hill Ending Explained

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The Brethren take Rose and Cybil to the hospital, saying the demon responsible for Sharon’s disappearance is in the basement. Christabella, the high priestess of the Brethren, examines Rose’s locket and recognizes a picture of Sharon, whom she believes to be a likeness of Alessa.

She accuses the two women of being witches and gives the order to her Brethren to stop them. Cybil fights them off while Rose goes downstairs, but she ends up getting captured too.

After descending to the basement, Rose discovers a group of disfigured nurses who have barricaded the entrance. Undetected, she makes her way into Alessa’s bedroom. Alessa’s birth outside of wedlock was the source of much gossip in the town, as seen in a flashback.

Alessa was raped by the school janitor, and Christabella talked Dahlia into trying to “purify” her. During a ritual, Christabella immolated Alessa, but Dahlia tipped off Gucci. The late arrival of the two caused the ritual to go awry, resulting in the ignition of the coal seam fire.

In a hospital for severe pain, Alessa’s rage tears her soul in two, with one piece becoming the evil force behind the dimensions of Silent Hill. When she was finally taken to the real world to be adopted, her lingering innocence took the form of Sharon.

To get to Sharon, Rose lets Dark Alessa’s spirit inhabit her body and enter the church. Sharon is captured by the Brethren despite Dahlia’s best efforts to keep her safe. Christabella has Cybil, who she accuses of being a witch, burned at the stake in the church and she intends to do the same to Sharon.

Rose denounces Christabella as a murderer when she confronts her, but Christabella responds by stabbing Rose in the heart.

In the wake of the wound’s blood flow, Alessa appears as a mutilated figure bound to a hospital bed, and she uses razor wire to rip Christabella and her followers to shreds.

Sharon is saved by Rose, and later she and Alessa/Dark Alessa merge into a single being. Eventually, Rose and Alessa decide to head back to their house outside of town.

They arrive to find they are still cut off from the real world by the fog that surrounds them. Christopher, meanwhile, wakes up in the real world to find that the front door has opened on its own.

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Ending Explained

Silent Hill Ending Explained

While investigating where Sharon might be, Rose encounters the devil and learns the shocking truth about what happened to Alessa.

To keep his end of the bargain and enter the church, he takes refuge in her body. Just as the cult is about to burn Sharon, having already burned Sybil, Rose walks into the church.

Christabella stabs Rose and as blood pours out of her body, the devil escapes and wreaks havoc on everyone inside the church. Alessa didn’t want to hurt Dahlia, her mother, so she was the only one spared.

Rose tells her daughter Sharon to close her eyes while they wait out the storm. But Sharon opens them, and upon seeing Alessa’s satanic grin, she passes out.

Upon regaining consciousness, Rose and Sharon attempt to leave town, but they encounter nothing but thick fog at every turn. Chris senses their entrance into the house, but they are from different dimensions and cannot see each other.

In other words, Sharon has been possessed by the devil and she and Rose never left the fog dimension. Since the devil had no business in Silent Hill, they decided to leave.

His mission for Alessa was complete; he had eliminated every possible threat, and now it was time for him to move on.

Alessa was able to take control of Sharon because their agreement from before still stands and Sharon was always considered to be part of Alessa.

He has now left Silent Hill in search of new mayhem. Just like Dahlia, Rose exists in a state of limbo, neither fully alive nor completely dead. Because they were not meant to be Alessa’s vengeful targets, the devil will spare their lives.

That means he’s on the lookout for another willing partner to strike a deal with him so he can go back to wreaking havoc and killing again.


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