Switching from PC To Mac: The Newbies’ Guide on How to Do PC Things on A Mac

Switching From PC to Mac: The Newbies’ Guide on How to Do PC Things on a Mac

If you’ve been using Windows for a while, switching to macOS could seem like a lot of work, but it’s far simpler than it seems. The following information will help you make the transition from a PC to a Mac.

The majority of PC users who switch to Mac have to adjust to what seems to be a significant shift in how they view computers because Mac and PC appear to be very distinct ecosystems. Switching isn’t as difficult as it would seem now that so many people are using iPhones and iPads, as well as because more developers are focusing on user-friendliness in general.

Naturally, this doesn’t imply that there aren’t any considerations for really moving over. Although there are numerous factors to take into account and the number of things may appear overwhelming, the change is completely manageable.

Whether you’re making this change on your own after purchasing a Mac or you’re getting a gift or hand-me-down from a kind relative, you can do it in a few hours and without too many hassles.

Pre-Switch Considerations

The list of considerations you should make before switching to a Mac may be categorized into three categories: hardware, software, and data.

Pc to Mac – Hardware Considerations

Since almost nothing in a desktop PC enclosure or a laptop will be physically switching to a Mac, you don’t need to worry about the majority of the switch’s hardware. The only real exception to this rule would be if you removed a PC hard drive and placed it in an external drive enclosure to be used with your Mac’s USB or Thunderbolt connectors, but that’s about it.

It would be wiser for you to consider the hardware that you will be using with your new Mac. This is particularly true for a Mac mini because, unlike a MacBook Pro, the Mac mini does not come with a built-in monitor, keyboard, or trackpad.

You will need to think about how to connect a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, and, if necessary, a network cable to the Mac mini. Fortunately, the back of the Mac mini includes a ton of common connections, making it simple to connect devices like HDMI, Thunderbolt, and USB.

Due to the usage of comparatively few Thunderbolt connections, you won’t be able to immediately connect as many devices to one of the MacBook models. If you must connect additional devices to a MacBook, you may need to think about buying dongles or a Thunderbolt dock.

To avoid the requirement for a dongle in some situations, it may be worthwhile to consider buying wireless versions, such as a Bluetooth wireless mouse.

Look for A Program You Wish to Open

Windows offers the Search feature, whereas Spotlight is available on the Mac. You can quickly look for programs and files using it. You may access this by holding down Cmd-Space or by clicking the magnifying glass symbol in the top right corner of your screen.

In either case, you can type the program or file’s name into the blue search box that will display. Another option is to select Launchpad from your dock. It is a symbol that resembles a silver circle with a spaceship inside of it.

This displays icons for the different installed applications on your Mac. Click the blue symbol that resembles two faces if a Windows Explorer-style approach is more comfortable for you. This is the Finder, which also has a search function for files.

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Uninstalling Programs

Was it simple for you to use the PC’s add/remove apps feature? If so, you’ll find that removing programs from macOS is peculiar. Most of the time, all you need to do is locate the application and throw it away.

The app itself won’t be affected if you drag the icon to the trash because the icons on the dock are merely shortcuts.

Switching From PC to Mac: The Newbies’ Guide on How to Do PC Things on a Mac

In some cases, you’ll have to dig far deeper to get rid of every file connected to particular software. It frequently appears in applications that require administrative rights to install. Keep an eye out for these applications and check to see if removing them is simple enough.

Does your PDF file need to be converted to a Word document? This is also unique! But don’t worry; this post will show you how to export PDF to Word simply.

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How to Minimize, Maximize, and Close

The functionality of macOS Windows can be mysterious to long-time PC users. The traffic light buttons in the top left corner resemble Windows. However, selecting the red X merely closes the active window without quitting the application.

Cmd-Q can be used to perform the function. The yellow minus button works similarly to Windows systems’ minimize feature. The green + button just enlarges the window to accommodate information; it does not maximize the pane.

For the vast majority of its apps, macOS Mountain Lion has maximum feature support. Clicking on the two gray arrows in the upper right corner of the open window will allow you to do this.

How to CTRL+ALT+Delete

Despite macOS’s high level of reliability, some applications may nevertheless be unresponsive. You must press Cmd-Alt-Esc since the Mac lacks a delete key. The Force Quit window appears, allowing you to choose the unresponsive program and manually terminate it.

The Force Quit option is available from the dropdown menu that appears after choosing the Apple icon to access this menu.

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Start Switching from Pc to Mac Today

When migrating from a PC to a Mac, keep these factors in mind. Make use of them to ease your move.

But don’t stop there on your digital adventure. We offer a ton of guides about technology, electronics, video games, and other things. To locate the tech instruction you require right here, feel free to browse more of what we have to offer.


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