The Giver Ending Explained: What Happens at The End of “the Giver”?

The Giver Ending Explained

Starring Jeff Bridges, Brenton Thwaites, Odeya Rush, Meryl Streep, Alexander Skarsgard, Katie Holmes, Cameron Monaghan, Taylor Swift, and Emma Tremblay, The Giver is a 2014 American dystopian drama film directed by Phillip Noyce.

Based on Lois Lowry’s 1993 novel of the same name for young adults. On August 11, 2014, The Giver had its world premiere, and on August 15, 2014, it was released in theaters across the United States.

It was nominated for the People’s Choice Award for “Favorite Dramatic Movie,” and it earned $67 million on a $25 million budget.

Plot Summary

the giver ending explained

After a disaster known as “the Ruin,” society was restructured in a way that eliminated all forms of emotion. Babies are created through genetic engineering, and libido is artificially reduced with drugs.

The Receiver of Memory and his protégé are the only members of the community who can see in color; this ability is suppressed throughout the rest of the population so that envy does not arise.

Members of the community’s elder group, including the Chief Elder, exercise authority within the community. The two people Jonas trusts the most in the world are his best friends, Asher and Fiona, both of whom he met when he was 18 years old.

On the day of his graduation, Jonas is informed that he will succeed the Giver as Receiver of Memory and begin absorbing the Giver’s recollections of the past.

The Giver instructs Jonas in the ways of happiness, sadness, death, and love over the course of his training. He stops getting daily injections which keep him from dreaming and thinking about Fiona, for whom he has feelings, and starts feeling emotions.

Jonas discovers the euphemism for execution by lethal injection behind the phrase “released to Elsewhere” used to describe those who leave the community. The Giver’s daughter, Rosemary, had served as a Receiver of Memory before Jonas.

However, Rosemary became so upset by the memories she received that she asked to be “released” before she completed her training.

When Jonas’ father brings home a newborn, Gabriel, Jonas unwittingly teaches Gabriel the memories he learned from the Giver.

The fact that he and Gabriel both have color vision and share a birthmark—the telltale sign of a potential Receiver of Memory—forges a strong bond between them.

Alarmed by the Elders’ callous disregard for human life and his own community’s deception, Jonas comes to believe that everyone needs to remember their own history.

The Giver and Jonas come to the conclusion that Jonas must leave their territory and go to a place called “Elsewhere” in order to bring about positive change for the locals. Doing so would inject the neighborhood with more color and memories.

Jonas punches Asher when the latter tries to stop him from fleeing the neighborhood. Jonas picks up Gabriel from the Nurturing Center, where he is scheduled to be “released” for failing to reach a developmental marker.

The Giver Ending Explained

Additionally, Asher and Jonas’s mom report Jonas’s disappearance to the Chief Elder. Jonas takes Gabriel on a getaway motorcycle he stole. Chief Elder has given Asher the task of tracking down Jonas with a drone in order to “take” him.

While Asher and Gabriel are lost in the desert, Jonas begs Asher to put his faith in him and free them. Rather, Asher uses the drone to capture them but then releases them by dumping them in a river.

Asher tells a fib to the Chief Elder when she questions him, claiming that he has done everything according to her instructions. Fiona is “released” from her sentence because she assisted Jonas.

The Giver tries to convince the Chief Elder that the Elders should free the community right before she is “released” by Jonas’ father. The Chief Elder is unconvinced by the Giver’s arguments and insists that freedom is not a good idea because people make poor decisions when given free will.

Gabriel and Jonas walk into a snowy area. Jonas collapses to the ground, unable to withstand the bitter cold. But in a memory he received from the Giver, he sees a sled just like the one he rode.

After riding the sled downhill and crossing the border into Elsewhere, Jonas and Gabriel save Fiona’s life when their community is liberated and Jonas’ father refrains from “releasing” her. Jonas acknowledges that his mission is complete.

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Ending Explained

What Is the Boundary of Memory? Can Jonas Cross It?

The Giver Ending ExplainedJonas visits the Giver at his Edge home at the beginning of the lessons and finds him engrossed in his work. He prophesies that in the future, a Giver would come who would be even more talented than the others and that this person would be called Jonas.

Jonas is cautioned by the Giver not to be easily fooled. Whether by accident or design, he lets a map fall out of the book, which Jonas promptly retrieves. The communities’ world is roughly delineated on the map.

With the help of his friend Asher and his drone, Jonas locates the Triangle of Rocks. The map is bound by a line called the Boundary of Memory. Under the Elders’ rule, the Boundary of Memory safeguards the world’s historical records from public access.

Jonas, however, realizes that if he can traverse the Boundary of Memory, they can restore the memories of entire communities. Furthermore, as we have seen in the past, the memories can be passed on.

In addition to suppressing one’s ability to dream, feel, and remember, the Elders’ injections are a common form of punishment. In response to the Giver’s claims that the injections keep the populace oblivious, Jonas decides to forego treatment.

He begins to feel something for Fiona that he has never felt before. “Love,” the Giver says it is. However, they are trapped in a world devoid of affection, where “the precision of language” rules. Unfortunately, Jonas’s odd behavior begins to alarm his parents and the Chief Elder.

In the meantime, the family chooses to care for Gabriel, who shares a birthmark with Jonas on his wrist. Jonas is aware that Gabriel, too, could be a Giver of Memory. Jonas tells Gabriel about all the good times he had with the Giver.

But after witnessing his father kill Gabriel by “releasing” him, Jonas becomes obsessed with exploring the regions of Elsewhere beyond the Boundary of Memory. Jonas cannot allow Gabriel to live because he does not meet the development criterion.

Jonas insists that Fiona come with him, and Fiona eventually agrees. After sneaking a kiss from Fiona and punching Asher, Jonas and Gabriel quickly leave. He rides off on a bicycle, and the authorities give chase. But Jonas makes it to the Edge and jumps off, ending the police’s pursuit.

On the other side of the desert, the Chief Elder orders Asher to find Jonas and kill him. Jonas’s pleading gets Asher to let him go after he follows the party with his drone. Eventually, they float down the river and come upon an intriguing range of mountains.

Almost like a scene from “Into the Wild,” Jonas awakens in the snow to find a sled, just as he did during his first meeting with the Giver. Using the sled, he travels to a place that is more than just a house.

Ultimately, the Giver takes Jonas to a place called Elsewhere. In the final scene, the Chief Elder’s memories, and the world itself, return to full technicolor. Thus, it is reasonable to conclude that he has left the Boundary of Memory behind.

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Who Is Rosemary?

The Giver Ending ExplainedThey previously selected a female Receiver of Memory before Jonas. Jonas and the Giver have an engaging conversation on the first day of his training.

However, the Giver remains silent as Jonas probes for details about the previous Receiver. He reveals the story later through projections.

One of the projections shows a woman attempting to teach the Giver how to play the piano. Rosemary is revealed to be Taylor Swift, who has a lovely cameo as herself.


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