Apple Doubles the Cost of Ram Upgrade of Entry-Level Mac Book Pro

Apple doubles the cost of RAM upgrade of entry-level MacBook Pro

Be prepared for a surprise if you were planning to buy a 13-inch MacBook Pro this week. Over the weekend, the cost of the popular and reasonably priced upgrade to 16GB of RAM doubled.

The 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro was released last month in two different configurations: an entry-level model with an 8th-generation Intel chip and a high-end model with Intel’s newest 10-generation chip, according to MacRumors(Opens in a new window).

The base model comes with 8GB of RAM as standard, but you can get 16GB of RAM for just $100 more. That changed on Saturday when the upgrade’s cost abruptly doubled to $200(Opens in a new window).

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The high-end model’s pricing hasn’t increased, but it still comes with 16GB as usual. But there is one significant distinction. LPDDR4X RAM is used in the high-end model, whereas LPDDR3 RAM is used in the entry-level variant.

Apple’s unexpected increase in memory upgrade pricing signals that the corporation is having trouble finding LPDDR3 modules and is having to pay much more for a consistent supply.

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The newest 13-inch MacBook Pro is widely sought after since it employs the new Magic Keyboard instead of the despised Butterfly keyboard that was available in various incarnations over the past four years. Given this, it makes sense that Apple would swiftly exhaust its current stock of LPDDR3 RAM, needs to restock, and then immediately change its pricing.


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