Facebook Starts Testing Clubhouse Rival Hotline: Know More About It!

Facebook starts testing Clubhouse rival Hotline

The social media behemoth Facebook is launching Hotline, a program that competes with Clubhouse, and it has already been made available for beta testing. However, unlike Clubhouse, Hotline is not just an audio-only online application because many additional functions have been incorporated.

Facebook Hotline, which follows current audio-chat trends, targets users of Clubhouse and similar services. In addition to audio conferences and conversations, Hotline offers the Instagram Q&A tool. In addition to audio discussions, Hotline is anticipated to allow users to text.

The new experiment will offer a mix of voice, video, and text options to all people taking part in online chats with hosts. On this site, users can submit written questions, unlike Clubhouse.

In actuality, participants in a discussion are invited by the speakers themselves. A spokeswoman for Facebook has reportedly confirmed the development as the business works to understand how interactive and live multimedia Q&As would enable users to learn from experts in particular fields.

Additionally, if they wish to be seen, session leaders will be permitted to activate their Webcams. Additionally, offensive remarks within text boxes can be deleted.

A feature that Clubhouse users are not currently allowed to use is the option to record events and discussions. Although the development has been verified and is currently being tested, the business has not yet made any announcements on the formal debut of Hotline.

Notably, Facebook is anticipated to oversee Hotline events and eject anyone breaking the rules. In addition, Facebook has been trying a few additional platforms, such as the question-and-answer service Venue. In addition to this, the company is developing Collab and BARS, two collaborative music apps that are similar to TikTok.

How Does Hotline Function?

Hotline, in contrast to Clubhouse, is downloadable on both desktop computers and mobile devices. Depending on whether you’re using the desktop or mobile app, the interface varies a little, but at first impression, it seems a lot like Clubhouse.

Hotline contains two sections: one that features the presenter as the speaker and another that lists the listeners. There are active and passive listeners, as well as audience members and those who want to ask questions.

The questions, which can be upvoted and downvoted, are viewable by hosts. If their question is chosen, listeners can go on stage with the hosts. Emojis can be used by audience members to respond in order to boost engagement. Of course, the host has control over the space and has the authority to nix questions and kick audience members out.

If the test is offered in your area, you can register on the website (which opens in a new tab) to join the waiting list. To register, you’ll need a Twitter account, after which you’ll need to confirm your identity by replying to an SMS.

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Does Hotline Keep Records of Calls?

One of the most significant variations to be aware of is that Hotline records conversations in rooms, but Clubhouse does not. According to Clubhouse, it temporarily records meetings purely for the purpose of looking into any potential occurrences. The recording is destroyed when the room closes if nothing is reported. Users are unable to record activity in rooms.

Hotline automatically creates recordings and sends an mp4 and mp3 file of the session to the host. For sharing on other social media sites, these can be changed. Clubhouse’s strategy favors promoting conversation without inhibition, whereas Hotline is going in the opposite direction. It makes it logical to take this technique for more formal Q&As.

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Has Hotline Set a Room Maximum?

Right now, Hotline doesn’t have a room limit cap, so you can have as many participants in your session as you’d like. The Clubhouse cap of 8,000 looks to be quite generous that it wouldn’t be a problem.

The cap was 5,000 before Elon Musk made an appearance on the app early this year. His session easily exceeded the cap, resulting in “overflow” rooms and an increased cap. If he was able to assemble his fantasy guest list, which included Kanye West and Russian President Vladimir Putin, we would probably see similar numbers.

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Support for Hotline Videos

Due to Clubhouse’s adoption of an audio-only format, competing apps have seized upon this design choice. The hotline is changing things up a bit with an audio format, but it also gives users the choice to enable their device’s camera.

When listeners join the presenter “on stage,” they can switch to video, according to TechCrunch(opens in new tab), but the option is currently off for the test.


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