Free Movie Apps: 5 Best Free Movie Apps on Google Play 2022!

Free Movie Apps

It’s likely that you enjoy watching movies on your Android phone, whether it’s the latest Google flagship, the Google Pixel 5, or a more standard model.

You can watch the newest movies on your Android device using popular video streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. However, annual subscription costs can be prohibitive for some.

So, keep reading to find out which free apps in the Google Play Store offer the best flexibility in terms of watching movies whenever you want.

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Here Are the Top 10 Free Movie Apps on Google Play

1. Crackle

Free Movie Apps

Crackle’s 5.0MB download size means it should be a breeze to set up. It’s an open-source app that you can download for free if you own a Google phone and use it to watch Hollywood films and television shows.

Crackle, in contrast to the other Google Play Movies apps on this list, features minimally intrusive advertisements and allows you to pick up watching where you left off on any device.

In addition, you can narrow down the movies you watch based on their genres, such as drama, comedy, thriller, or action.

2. Tubi Tv

Tubi TV, with its 4.7-star rating on the Google Play Store, is undeniably one of the best free movie apps in the year 2020. but only if you don’t mind the commercial interruptions.

The app has been downloaded fifty million times or more from the Google Play store as of this writing.

A big reason for this is that it can provide completely legitimate and boundless streaming. As an added bonus, there won’t be any surprises with your bill.

That way, you can binge-watch all of your favorite shows whenever you like in the high-definition format.

Movies of many different types of comedy, classics, anime, drama, etc. are available for streaming.

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3. Vudu

Free Movie Apps

Vudu isn’t doing too shabby itself, with a 4.4-star rating. You can watch movies online for free, as well as rent and buy videos.

Here, you can catch the latest episodes of your favorite shows and movies before they hit theaters.

Curiously, the Vudu app is compatible with Google Chromecast and boasts support for 4K UHD video. Now you can stream movies directly to your Smart TV.

4. Kodi

Despite taking up a fair amount of space 60MB, Kodi is an excellent free cross-platform media center.

This multi-purpose, award-winning software lets you watch videos online as well as play local videos, music, podcasts, and even look at pictures.

To watch movies online with Kodi, you must first upload them to a server and then use a plugin or add-on to play them. We’re talking about a procedure that should take no more than a minute.

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5. Plex

Free Movie AppsMore than a thousand great movies are available on Plex for your viewing pleasure. Hundreds of movies and television shows are available for instant streaming, and you can even watch over 80 live TV channels wherever you are.

Users of Plex can access their own media files, such as videos and audio, as well as their photo libraries and podcast recommendations.

Further, media outlets like the Financial Times, CBS, Euronews, etc., can be used to keep you abreast of the latest developments in the film industry.


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