Google Announces 20 Paid Vacation Days and Other Perks for Employees

Google announces 20 paid vacation days and other perks for employees

As part of a revamp of its employee benefits, Google is extending parental leave and providing more vacation time.

On Thursday, the firm revealed that it had increased parental leave to 24 weeks for new parents and 18 weeks for all parents (up from 12 weeks) (previously 18 weeks). On April 2, it will also double the previous provision for caregiver leave by allowing workers to take up to eight weeks of absence.

Starting on April 2, it will also increase the minimum amount of paid vacation time for employees, from 15 to 20 days. All the changes, according to a Google representative, would be applicable to full-time workers everywhere.

In terms of employee perks, Google has always been regarded as a market leader, particularly when it comes to parental leave. However, the company has looked for alternative strategies to retain talent and avoid burnout as remote work has eliminated the free meals and other in-office advantages that staff has grown accustomed to receiving.

In response to a fall in reported well-being in the previous year’s annual employee survey, the business introduced new benefits, such as more days off for the entire company and staff bonuses (sometimes jokingly called “Sundar days” and “Sundar dollars” by employees in reference to CEO Sundar Pichai).

Fiona Cicconi, Google’s chief people officer, stated in an email statement on Thursday that “more than 40% of our employees are in the sandwich generation,’ where they may find themselves raising their children and caring for aging family members at the same time.”

“We want to help our employees at every stage of their lives, and that involves delivering great benefits,” Cicconi said. “This allows them to spend more time with their new baby, take care of a sick loved one, or take care of their own wellbeing.” To provide parents and caregivers more time to spend with their families and loved ones and to encourage all Googlers to take more time for themselves, we are now announcing improvements to our global leave benefits.

The Modifications Google Has Made to Its Leave Policy Will Please the Staff.

It Was Stated That The Workers Would Currently Receive at Least 20 Paid Vacation Days a Year. Google Used to Only Give 15 Vacation Days, but They Have Since Increased that To 20.Google announces 20 paid vacation days and other perks for employees

According to Fiona Cicconi, the Head of People Operations at Google, the Leaves Were Increased “to Aid Our Colleagues at Each Period of Their Lives and That Entails Delivering Exceptional Benefits.”

the Hunt Goliath Added that Parents Who Are Not yet 18 Years Old Can Send Their Children Home for A Longer Period of Time. 18 Weeks of Leave Are Now Available to Different Guardians, up From 12.

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According to A Google Announcement, All Employees Will Now Receive at Least 20 Paid Vacation Days per Year.

Google Won’t Simply Extend Parental Leave to Infants. However, It Will Also Double the Number of Sick Days that Employees Taking Care of Seriously Ill Patients at Home Can Take. Currently, They Will Have up To Two Months to Deal with Their Friends and Relatives.

Google Provides Its Employees with A Variety of Benefits, Including Paid Time Off. Nearby Meals and Snacks, Web Payments, and Pals’ Cell Phones Were All Compensated. Four “work from Anywhere” Weeks a Year Are Just the Beginning of The Work Environment’s Capacities for Issues with Physical or Emotional Wellness.

However, Because of The Ongoing Pandemic, Employees Have Complained About Their Lengthy Work Hours and Their Inability to Take Advantage of Free Dinners and Other Google Workplace Perks.

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Originally, Google only Granted 15 Vacation Days, but That Number Has Since Been Raised to 20.

Google Has Also Recently Delayed Revisiting the Office Cutoff Time. the Company Had Previously Asked that The Workers Come Back to Work by January 2022. Nevertheless, the Silicon Valley-based Business Has Been Forced to Postpone Its Re-Visitation of The Workplace Due to The Surge of Omicron Cases Around the Globe.

Google Has Also Established Strict Guidelines for Workers Who Have Not Had the Covid-19 Vaccine. Employees Who Fail to Provide Justifications for Not Having the Opportunity Will Not Be Compensated, According to The Corporation.


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