The Informer Ending Explained: You Need About the Informer Movie!

The Informer Ending Explained

Based on the novel Three Seconds by Roslund & Hellström, Andrea Di Stefano and Matt Cook’s The Informer is a 2019 British crime thriller film.

It also features Rosamund Pike, Common, Ana de Armas, and Clive Owen in addition to Joel Kinnaman.

The United Kingdom release date was August 30, 2019, and the United States limited release date was November 6, 2020, both via Vertical Entertainment and Redbox Entertainment.

Plot Summary

The Informer Ending Explained

Peter Koslow’s early release from prison several years ago was contingent on his agreeing to become an undercover informant for the FBI’s New York City field office.

After gaining access to the inner workings of a Polish criminal organization, he is about to provide Special Agent Wilcox with enough evidence to bring criminal boss Ryszard “The General” Klimek to justice.

Koslow is wired as he attempts to deliver a large quantity of fentanyl to the General by passing through the Polish consulate’s office. Staszek, Koslow’s colleague, finds out about a potential buyer and deviates from the original strategy.

After talking to the buyer, Koslow quickly realized he was an undercover cop. As things heat up, the cop goes to arrest Koslow, but Staszek ends up killing him. Once Koslow’s handlers hear this over the wire, they abandon him.

They take Koslow and Staszek to the General, who tells Koslow he needs to go back to jail and oversee the drug trade on his behalf. Koslow was hesitant at first, but when his family’s safety was at stake, he eventually gave in.

Wilcox tells Koslow that he plans to remain an informant even while in jail and that he will be released from jail once his sentence is up. Meanwhile, NYPD Detective Grens opens an investigation into the undercover cop’s murder, with the Polish Mafia as a prime suspect.

He gets footage of Koslow leaving and the FBI car passing by from a security camera. Before Koslow is sent back to prison, the General and his wife pay him and his wife, Sofia, a visit.

Koslow goes on a parole violation the next day. When Grens confronts Wilcox and Montgomery about the murder, they both deny any involvement. In addition, he has a conversation with Sofia, who also refuses to share any details about her husband.

Meanwhile, Koslow starts distributing drugs but runs into trouble with corrupt prison officer Slewitt, who is employed by prison gang leader Smiley Phelps.

Koslow is almost killed before he is saved by Smiley, who discovers that he is an informant working to bring down the General, Smiley’s rival.

Wilcox receives a call from Koslow pleading for assistance, but she is unable to respond because Montgomery has ordered her to “burn” Koslow in order to hide the FBI’s role in the operation that resulted in the death of the undercover police officer.

The Informer Ending Explained

Next, Koslow calls Sofia and asks her to give Grens the recordings he made of his conversations with Wilcox in secret.

Reluctantly, Wilcox tells the General’s lawyer that Koslow is an FBI informant, and the General promptly orders Koslow and his family to be killed.

Koslow survives a brutal attack from a Polish gangster by pinning down his attacker. He kidnaps Slewitt and knocks him out of his mind as a last resort.

As this is going on, Wilcox approaches Sofia and ultimately ends up with the tapes. After Montgomery assumes control of the hostage situation inside the prison, Koslow, draws on his experience as a sniper in the U.S.

Special Forces, switches clothes with Slewitt and positions a propane tank behind them, hoping that a sniper will shoot Slewitt instead, resulting in a massive explosion and their escape.

In an attempt to murder Koslow’s loved ones, Staszek and another Polish gangster are stopped by Grens. Greens are shot, but Sofia is able to save him, and the two thugs end up dying from their wounds.

Upon waking up, Koslow discovers that Wilcox has been assigned as his personal escort during his ambulance ride. As punishment for her wrongdoings, she lets Koslow getaway.

After wearing a wire to record Montgomery’s threats to kill Koslow in order to cover up his actions, Wilcox confronts him in New York City and has him arrested. In order to aid Koslow and keep his family safe, Grens and Wilcox work together.

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Ending Explained

The Informer Ending Explained

Pete gets the info the FBI needs, but when he tries to turn it over to the prison warden as instructed and asks to be placed in solitary confinement, he finds out that the FBI has instructed the warden to do nothing of the sort.

Disgusted, he sees that he has been lied to. He tries to reach Erica by phone, but she ignores him. He then orders Sofia to pick up Anna and get out of there as fast as they can.

In order to communicate with Grens, Sofia suggests they try to make contact with them. Erica overhears their conversation and shows up as Pete’s girlfriend retrieving recordings he made of his interactions with the FBI.

She takes the tapes but tells Sofia to leave with the money that was left behind.

A Desperate Attempt to Escape

Earlier, the Polish gave Pete a short stabbing device for his own protection. After his secret is out, however, he discovers that it has vanished. Not long after, he is attacked, but he successfully overcomes his attacker.

As soon as the guards realize what’s happened, the entire facility is put on high alert. After the chaos ensues, Pete locks himself in a cell on top of the prison and holds corrupt officer Slewitt Sam Spruell hostage.

He served as a sniper in the military and later became part of the elite. He moves two cylinders of a volatile gas to strategic positions and meticulously marks the possible trajectories of the bullets he knows will be coming his way.

Grens invites Sofia over to his house, where they kill Staszek and his accomplice, who had been sent by the General to avenge Pete’s betrayal by killing Sofia and Anna.

Now that Montgomery knows Pete has evidence on him, too, he wants to eliminate that potential for disaster by eliminating Pete.

soon after his arrival, he assumes leadership. When Montgomery’s only real threat to his authority is eliminated after Pete tricks the FBI sniper into shooting Slewitt and setting off the explosion, he believes that he is safe.

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Erica Switches Sides

The Informer Ending ExplainedErica’s struggle with her own ethics plays a significant role in the film’s subplot. Eventually, she comes to terms with the fact that her behavior while working for Montgomery has been increasingly dubious, if not outright illegal.

To her, they are no better than the Polish for how they are treating Pete. The promises she made to him are brought to mind as she plays the tapes she bought from Sofia, one after the other.

She struggles through this moral conundrum and finds herself on the right side of things in the end. Now that she knows Pete has made it through the explosion, she boards the same ambulance he is in.

The events that ensue are left largely mysterious. There’s a good chance she and Pete came to the conclusion that Pete’s freedom would be impossible to achieve so long as Montgomery was in a position of power in the federal government.

And that’s why she lends a hand to the FBI and NYPD’s special task force in their pursuit of Montgomery.

The next logical step is to look into whether or not there is any corruption within the FBI as a result of this.

An agency puts Pete’s family under surveillance after realizing that a civilian named Pete is at the center of this whole mess.




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