Android 12 Leak Hints at Fresh Design for Widgets, Notifications

Android 12 leak hints at fresh design for widgets, notifications

Google IO 2021 is quickly approaching. After a year off, the annual Android developer conference resumes on May 18. Google’s upcoming Android version, Android 12, is probably going to be unveiled. Important information about the upcoming Google mobile operating system has been leaked online ahead of the developer event.

The photographs that have been released by tipper Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech on YouTube show the Android 12 announcements Google will make at the event. The stolen slides also show that Google is concentrating on providing better security and privacy safeguards.

The most recent Android version, according to information that has surfaced, will have a “new experience,” better privacy protections, and it should integrate more easily with your other devices. Although there have been leaks showing the new interface and animations, little is known about the new, more robust privacy and security measures. At this moment, it’s also unclear how devices will interact more harmoniously.

There are numerous new buttons and widgets, as well as a few new animations. Google has been incrementally altering the look of Android by revamping the current

They’re doing it again this year by introducing new animations and UI elements.

In the notifications bar, there is now a brand-new music widget in addition to newly updated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles. Additionally, there is a new volume slider, a new clock widget, updated alerts, and even a new weather widget.

A new Quick Settings menu, updated volume controls, the opportunity to manually group notifications, and the capability to change the size of the calculator pad inside the calculator app are some other UI customization choices that we might see.

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What’s New About Android 12?

Android 12 leak hints at fresh design for widgets, notifications

A new media widget, a battery saver toggle, a small weather widget, updated brightness and connectivity toggles, a cute analog clock widget, plus power buttons, a volume slider, and some form of user interface with snooze, pin, and info choices are all visible.

There are numerous new buttons and widgets, as well as a few new animations. Google can’t let an Android update pass without making some modifications to the notification system, and this year it appears that we’re getting a new design and a few other improvements.

There are many minor adjustments, but they all work together to make the Android UI more unified and friendly.

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Before the debut of the Pixel phones and other devices later this year, Google has eight releases scheduled over the upcoming months.

Android 12 might represent the largest change in years if these upgrades work correctly. Given that Google I/O starts next week, we might not have to wait too long for more information. When information on Android 12 changes, we’ll update this post.


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