Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 Patch Notes: Get More Updates!

Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 Patch Notes: CW & MP5 Nerf, New Gulag Rush, and more

The long-awaited Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 has finally been released by Raven Software, and it has intriguing new modifications. A new Gulag map, an assault rifle, and new perks are just a few of the popular weapons that have undergone major balancing.

Call of Duty Warzone’s gun meta has undoubtedly changed as a result of balance adjustments and the addition of a new weapon. A new SMG has replaced CW and MP5 as the preferred close-range weapon as a result of their nerfs. On the other hand, Warzone Season 5’s new EM2 assault rifle has quickly taken over as the AR meta.

Aside from other new improvements, Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 5 lacks Zombies camos. With the new season, players may now concentrate on the intense combat that Battle Royale is known for.

All New Changes in Call of Duty Warzone Season 5

All players now have access to the full Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 update patch notes thanks to Raven Software. This includes all the fresh adjustments made to the game with the start of a new season.

MP5 and CW Nerfed in Call of Duty Warzone

Season 5 of Warzone has seen the sneaky nerfing of two well-known SMGs. The MP5 and CW are pushed out of the SMG meta since they are no longer as potent as they once were. In close-quarters warfare, these weapons won’t be as useful as they once were.

Content producers are striving to obtain the precise values, however, Raven has chosen not to include them in the Season 5 patch notes. On the other side, since the devs rectified the OTS-9 SMG’s ADS bug, this sizable nerf has made it possible for it to become the new close-range meta in Call of Duty Warzone.

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New EM2 AR in Warzone

The introduction of a brand-new assault rifle is one of Season 5 of Call of Duty Warzone’s most thrilling updates. The most recent medium-long range weapon to enter the game is the EM2, and it quickly gained popularity among players.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 Patch Notes: CW & MP5 Nerf, New Gulag Rush, and more

The EM2 in Warzone has minimal recoil, which enhances accuracy at a distance, and high damage, meaning that even with scopes, it only just a few shots to take out an opponent. Therefore, players that like to charge in and take down opponents will favor a class setup that includes the EM2 and the OTS-9.

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New Gulag Map: Rush

Raven Software updated the design of the 1v1 combat map in response to several complaints about earlier Gulag maps. The Rush Call of Duty map served as the inspiration for the new Gulag design.

The primary speedball arena, where players will compete for the opportunity to redeploy, is located in the Rush Gulag, which is based on the Black Ops II version of the level.

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Perk and Other Changes in Call of Duty Warzone Season 5

Call of Duty Warzone’s fifth season has two new rewards. The Combat Scout perk, sometimes known as the “Wall-Hack perk,” is the first one. Players will be able to see their foes’ precise whereabouts for a short while after injuring them thanks to the slot 3 perks.

The second new perk, Tempered, is for slot 2 and gives players the option of strengthened armor plates with a 75 percent increase in damage absorption.

In addition to the new perks, players will now be able to hear the footsteps of other players who are using the dead quiet perk when they are using the High Alert perk.


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