Is Aneesa Gay? Get More Information!

is aneesa gay

In the Netflix series “Never Have I Ever,” Devi Vishwakumar’s teenage problems are followed. She frequently causes so much trouble in her love life that it affects everyone around her.

In the second season, Aneesa enters the equation following Devi’s breakup with Ben and Paxton. Due to Aneesa’s recent rise to fame as an Indian American, Devi feels jealous of her. Complexity increases when Aneesa starts dating Ben, for whom Devi still has some feelings.

Aneesa is originally portrayed as a source of conflict, but as the story goes on, we get to know more about the several parts of her personality. Things advance when she kisses Fabiola in the third season. Does this suggest Aneesa is gay? A bisexual couple? Here is what you need to know. Spoilers are below.

Is Aneesa Bisexual?

The third season’s events make Aneesa’s sexuality clear, even though the show doesn’t officially label her as such. Aneesa hadn’t previously had any desire for the same sex, thus she might be surprised when she kisses Fabiola, as well as the viewers.

is aneesa gay

Around that time, her marriage to Ben is in ruins. She can tell that Ben is more interested in his studies when it comes to her, but that he is willing to spend time conversing with Devi.

Aneesa decides to break up with Ben since, even after she explains her worries to him, they have little of an impact on him. Additionally, she feels awful about it because her personal life is going well.

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She is doing well in her academics and her sports team has finally won a competition. However, she requires a supporter who will encourage her and provide her with the appropriate encouragement as she succeeds. She anticipates her lover to act in this way, but it turns out that Ben is more intrigued by Devi’s troll than by Aneesa’s accomplishments.

Fabiola comforts her at this vulnerable moment by saying precisely what Aneesa was hoping Ben would say.

Even though they look like completely different people, Fabiola is constantly in her corner. Aneesa kisses her for this reason, but it makes things unpleasant between them. They keep it a secret since Aneesa is still coming to terms with her sexuality and hasn’t come out to anyone, and Fabiola doesn’t want to pressurise her.

Eventually, though, they choose to put the discomfort aside and begin dating. Then, however, their personalities begin to diverge, and Aneesa decides that rather than allowing things to deteriorate, they should part ways peacefully after observing that Fabiola has a stronger bond with Addison, Des’s buddy whom they met at Devi’s party.

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Aneesa understands that she ought to presumably meet someone who shares her interests. This demonstrates that Aneesa’s continued sexual orientation was not the reason for the breakup. She leans toward becoming more gay, but she needs to choose what she actually wants.

Aneesa doesn’t have the typical “coming out of the closet” experience, thus it’s feasible that she has broader sexuality than just being homosexual or bisexual. Given that all of her ex-boyfriends were academically talented, she might be sapiosexual or pansexual. Whatever the case, Aneesa’s sexual orientation is unconfirmed.


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