Midnight Mass Ending Explained: What Happend in The Movie?

midnight mass ending explained

The next horror film from its director, Mike Flanagan, is titled Midnight Mass. It’s a drama with a religious theme that has so many twists and turns that, at this point, it probably needs a safety danger warning.

Not all of those are covered here. Instead, we’ll be talking about the season finale, “Revelations,” so if you’re behind, now is the time to catch up. Never pass GO. Reopen Netflix and start the remaining episodes.

In keeping with Flanagan’s typical style, the Midnight Mass climax significantly increased the action and drama in its last minutes, bringing the turmoil started by Father Paul Hill (a.k.a. Monsignor John Michael Pruitt) to a devastating conclusion.

The consequences of all those miracles and polluted eucharist emerged after seven episodes in the worst way imaginable: a good ol’ dose of vampirism. And who was the series’ biggest loser? every single resident of Crockett Island.

No, I mean it. practically the entire town. By the end of the show’s run, the neighbourhood was on fire (except for two of its occupants). If the gasoline poured on the structures wasn’t enough, the inhabitants made excellent kindling for what was left.

It was already too late for the town to change its situation by the time it recognised it had fallen victim to the vampire scourge. In the climactic episode, the entire cast actually perished.

And the overarching message is undoubted that if a new church leader arrives in your community, you should thoroughly investigate him before following him, particularly if he starts out by performing miracles straight immediately.

Let’s perform the quickest recaps possible before analysing the series’ seven episodes because it runs through them swiftly.

Everyone is fairly excited to have such a deserving, though temporary, substitute for the lost Monsignor Pruitt when Father Paul first shows up in town and begins bestowing miracles onto the citizens of Crockett Island.

But individuals start to notice some unusual behaviour: Mildred starts to age, Warren notices Father Paul fiddling with the eucharist, and Leeza regains her ability to walk after being disabled for years. Miracles are wonderful, but there are drawbacks as well.

The tale of Father Paul, the missing monsignor, who was inadvertently attacked by a vampire-like creature known as The Angel while touring the Holy Land, is then revealed to us (the audience). You despise seeing it.

When he returns to the town as Father Paul, the locals seem to ignore the mounting evidence that these miracles come at a price, specifically that Father Paul is carrying out The Angel’s will by contaminating church wine with The Angel’s blood. Because of this, Leeza can walk, Mildred regresses to her youth, and Erin loses her unborn child.

Sarah eventually starts examining the blood of each individual in an effort to discover the science behind their treatments and discovers that a form of vampirism is occurring. Even if it has only been given in little quantities during each church service, it can certainly be fatal if taken over an extended period of time.

Father Paul’s “infection” with the Angel’s will rather than his poor behaviour is the (most) difficult aspect of these occurrences. (Ultimately, because he’ll receive his own reward as a reward.

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What Took Place After Midnight Mass?

Many residents of the town have been coerced by Father Paul into living as vampires. After that, the new vampires of Crockett Island go in search of fresh prey, turning or murdering anyone who missed the most recent midnight mass.

In the meantime, the residents of Crockett Island cannot infect additional people, so Erin (Kate Siegel), Sarah (Annabeth Gish), and Sheriff Hassan (Rahul Kohli) determine they must fire all the boats.

Later, Bev (Samantha Sloyan) makes the decision to set all of the houses on fire in order to force everyone to gather at the church and avoid passing away with the dawn. Bev starts to stop people from entering the church as everyone begins to arrive there.

Father Paul steps in and declares that everyone is welcome inside, but he pauses when he notices Sarah dousing the church in lighter fluid.

In an earlier part of the show, it was revealed that Father Paul (also known as Father Pruitt) had an illicit relationship with Mildred (Alex Essoe), through which they secretly conceived Sarah. Father Paul makes use of the opportunity to express his admiration for Sarah, but their exchange is cut short when Struge (Matt Biedel) shoots Sarah.

She rejects Father Paul’s attempts to transform her into a vampire. The church is later partially burned by Paul and Mildred. Erin is grabbed by the Angel while Sheriff Hassan and Erin attempt to destroy the remaining items and Bev shoots the Sheriff.

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Is the Midnight Mass Bleak Ending Any Hope?

The conclusion of Midnight Mass is really grim—everyone perishes, and the village burns destroyed. Warren and Leeza, on the other hand, survive. The fact that those two lived and will probably be able to restart gives the series some cause for optimism. There is a possibility for them to have a happy ending.

I believe the show ends on a bright note since the citizens of Crockett Island also came together. It proves, in my opinion, that Midnight Mass is not attempting to present religion in a negative light.

Because they practise religion, these folks are not evil people. In reality, it has made the majority of them more neighbourly. People like Father Paul and Bev aren’t necessarily evil people, but they act badly because they use religion to explain some of their poor habits.


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