PUBG New State Pre-Registrations to Start Soon for iPhone Users

PUBG New State pre-registrations to start soon for iPhone users; Get details

Pre-registrations for PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India for Android users began on May 18. PUBG New State, according to certain reports, may eventually be released in India while we wait for pre-registrations to start for iOS users.

More than 10 million Android users pre-registered for PUBG New State after Krafton released pre-registration for the game earlier this year. If the reports are accurate, iOS users may soon be able to pre-register.

A new alpha testing clip for PUBG New State has apparently been posted by Krafton, confirming that the iOS pre-registration period will shortly commence. The developer advised iPhone users to check the game’s website frequently for updates.

The pre-registration deadline for iOS has not yet been announced. However, there is much conjecture that it might begin the following month. Sadly, there is also no information on the game’s release date.

A select group, largely made up of workers, will apparently participate in closed alpha testing for PUBG New State starting soon with Android users in the US. Depending on the results of the testing, these will be followed by beta testing before the game is made available to the general public.

While Krafton had stated at a prior event that bringing back PUBG Mobile was their first goal for India, they did not completely rule out the idea of PUBG New State being released there. India appears on the green map in the PUBG New State movie clip, which suggests that India may eventually get PUBG New State. However, it might take some time before the game arrives here since it is currently being tested in the US.

There is some good news for iPhone users, though. Battlegrounds Mobile India’s iOS version is being developed by Krafton, who may make an encouraging announcement shortly.

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s iOS version is reportedly being developed, but there is no word on when registration will open. Therefore, it might take some time before Battlegrounds Mobile India is released on iPhones and iPads, even if Krafton is successful in allowing iOS users to pre-enroll.

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Preorders for PUBG New State Pass a Major New Milestone

PUBG New State pre-registrations to start soon for iPhone users; Get details

In a press statement that was supplied to us, Krafton provided a wealth of details on the preorders for New State, some of which provide us with important information about the potential release date for the battle royale game on a global scale across all platforms.

The fact that the total number of pre-registrations for the game has impressively surpassed a certain threshold despite the lack of a release date is just the beginning. When the smartphone battle royale game was first unveiled in February of this year, pre-registration got underway.

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Since then, PUBG New State has received an astounding 20 million pre-registrations, and counting, on the Google Play Store alone. Since the previous milestone we learned about, there have been more than three million additional users who have signed up for the game.

The last time we heard about this was immediately following Krafton’s “successful” PUBG New State alpha test in the US last month.


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