The Longest Night Ending Explained: Know More About Movie!

the longest night ending explained

The crime-action thriller series “The Longest Night” on Netflix, also known as “La Noche más larga,” has a convoluted and twisting plot. The story centers on what happens when a group of armed men breaks into a mental institution and demands that a specific prisoner be turned over on a specific night.

Additionally, the story mostly focuses on the few hours immediately preceding the disaster, with very little and sparing usage of earlier events. Due to its fast-paced action setting, “The Longest Night” offers an enjoyable experience overall, but ultimately feels too disorganized to offer much enjoyment.

The Longest Night Ending, Explained

Hugo is willing to do some horrible things, as the story progresses, in order for Laura to survive. He throws Lago off a building after one of his coworkers threatens to give her to Lennon (and Lago takes the blame). He and Lago have realized that in order to ensure their survival (as well as the survival of Hugo’s children), they must support one another.

The kidnappers of Laura are eventually revealed to be a married couple with a daughter named Valentina. Hugo is instructed by Simon Lago to call them with the secret code word “Valentina’s waiting for you” in order for them to release Laura.

Since the prison’s roof is the only location where he can get cell service, Hugo scrambles to make the contact and deliver the message before midnight. However, as soon as he calls the couple and delivers the coded message, Laura starts to convulse and faint due to a heart ailment.

Six hours earlier, in a flashback, we see this couple getting ready to spend Christmas Eve with their daughter Valentina. Valentina leaves the house to store her bike but never comes back.

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Instead, the wife gets a box containing a revolver, several syringes, and a ringing cell phone; we suppose this is where she learns that, in order to get Valentina back, she and her husband must now kidnap Laura and murder her her unless they discover Simon’s secret phrase.

the longest night ending explained

After hearing Laura trembling on the other end of the phone and realizing that she has a history of heart issues, Hugo, who is still standing on the jail roof, appears to believe that Laura is most certainly dead.

Lennon shows up while he’s up there. Lennon is not some thief who is trying to help Lago escape from jail. He reveals to Hugo that the two men could have worked together to save Laura if only he had known that Hugo was trying to save his daughter. Although we learn that he is a cop, his motivations for trying (violently) to remove Lago from the premises are never made explicit.

An unidentified man receives a call on Christmas Eve informing him that there is mayhem at the prison; he then informs his family that he must leave because of the situation. The camera pans through family photos in the home of the couple who abducted Laura as the final episode ends, stopping at a picture of the couple, who are joyfully embracing Hugo and the mystery man who is now on his way to the prison.

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It seems as though The Longest Night’s story is only just getting started. Who is this unidentified man? How are Hugo and the parents of his daughter acquainted? We can find out if there is a Season 2 there.


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