These Are the Made-In-India Mobile Apps, Which Can Be the Good Alternates of WhatsApp and Twitter

These are the Made-in-India mobile apps, which can take the place from WhatsApp to Twitter

Native apps have been aggressively released in India since the country’s prohibition on Chinese mobile apps. These mobile applications are incredibly well-liked by users and have already received countless downloads.

Today, we’ll tell you about a few carefully chosen Made in India mobile applications that can replace Twitter and WhatsApp. Check out these locally developed smartphone apps.


As an alternative to WhatsApp, you can use the Sandes app. You will find all the features you need in this software, including group chatting, video and phone chats, contact sharing, message styling, and end-to-end encryption.

This software may be downloaded from the Google Play Store-App Store and is 31MB in size.


These are the Made-in-India mobile apps, which can take the place from WhatsApp to Twitter

The Koo smartphone app was created primarily as a Twitter substitute. Like Twitter, users of this program can express their opinions. Please be informed that the Kuo app supports a number of Indian languages. This software can be downloaded from the Google Play Store – App Store and is 23MB in size.

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The Moj app is well-liked by users. Tick-talk can be substituted with this smartphone app. Speaking of the Moj app, it is native software that allows for the sharing of short videos.

Users of this app can watch other people’s videos and share them in addition to sharing their own recordings. The allotted time for the video is 15 seconds. In other words, users can make 15-second videos, edit them, and share them. This app’s user interface is quite straightforward.

This allows you to post a video on websites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter. The Moj app provides a wide variety of material, including dancing, comedy, Vlogging, cooking, DIY, entertainment, news, amusing videos, songs, and Shayari.

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The FAU-G game is a better choice for you if you’re seeking an alternative to PUBG. Speaking of military games, it is compatible with Android 8 and later. This game’s theme is based on the Galvan Valley conflict.

Users will also find a campaign mode, team deathmatch, and free for all in this single-player game. Users can currently access the campaign mode. Additionally, its graphics are top-notch.


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