Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 Ending Explained: All You Need to Know!

lincoln lawyer season 1 ending explained

The first season of The Lincoln Lawyer is currently available on Netflix and, in our opinion, is a must-watch.

The show is a fantastic legal drama with an excellent cast and a number of interesting cases, notably the double-murder trial that takes place during the first season of the show.

Netflix created one of the best new shows of the year in just 10 episodes, and viewers will undoubtedly be engrossed in the story from beginning to end.

We’re here to help you analyze the final episode of the season and the pressing topics it addressed, even though there is still much to discuss from the first season of the show.

We’re breaking The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 finale with your spoiler-filled ending explained takeaways, including a stunning death and an even more startling revelation about the person responsible for Jerry Vincent’s death.

In the Climax of The Lincoln Lawyer, Who Attacked Mickey?

Glenn McSweeney, also known as Juror No. 7 from the Trevor Elliott case, attacks Mickey after tricking him into traveling to the middle of nowhere. Yes, the exact same jury member who was a Trevor-supporting ploy.

Glenn fought Mickey when they arrived at the location believing Izzy was in danger, and things weren’t going well for him. Glenn, who lost his balance during their argument, plummeted off the cliff as a result of Mickey’s valiant efforts to stop him.

Izzy was never in danger and was instead used as bait to get Mickey alone, as Griggs and the police confirm when they come. Izzy was at an AA meeting the entire time.

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What Happens to Trevor in The Lincoln Lawyer?

Mickey is convinced that Trevor was responsible for his attack and immediately confronts him about it. Trevor is adamant that he had nothing to do with it, despite Mickey’s belief that Trevor tried to have him killed in order to keep a secret about the fact that he had actually killed his wife and her lover.

After dismissing Mickey, Trevor goes outside where a mob has gathered to learn about the merging of his company. In an unexpected change of events, Carol DuBois, the person with a strong link to the yoga instructor Trevor killed, shoots Trevor.

Although it’s unclear whether Trevor survived the attack at the time, we find out later that he did.

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In the Lincoln Lawyer, Is Lankford a Corrupt Officer?

lincoln lawyer season 1 ending explained

The first season of The Lincoln Lawyer is currently available on Netflix

Glory Days, who arrives in town just in time to give a testimony in Jesus Menendez’s case, is finally introduced to us as the season comes to a close. She admits that she only left town before the initial trial because Detective Linda Perez threatened her, despite the fact that Lorna was able to persuade her to come forward.

Detective Perez warned Glory Days during the first trial that if she testified, she would be charged with possession. When Mickey discovers this, he is persuaded that Detective Perez must have been intimidated by someone because Perez had no justification for being as involved as she was.

At this point, Mickey and his group began to wonder if Perez had been forced to confront Glory Days by someone else. Although we were made to believe that was Detective Kyle Winters, it was actually Detective Lankford, who was his superior! Lankford granted Perez her long-desired promotion to detective in return for assisting in preventing Glory Days from testifying in the initial trial.


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