PUBG 1.3 Season 18 Week 2 Challenges: Check What’s New!

PUBG 1.3 Season 18 Week 2 Challenges: Check all missions

Beginning with the next season, PUBG Mobile will provide a new Royale Pass that will give players access to new emotes, sets, skins, and other things. To earn RP Points and advance through the Royale Pass, players must complete a variety of daily and weekly missions.

Mission List for PUBG Season 18 Week 2 Challenges

Free Mission

  • Friend Squad Boost: 30 Arena Victories.
  • Selective Mission
  • Land on Any of The Resort’s Rooftops (sanhok) in Classic Mode Three Times
  • Any Picado Rooftop Will Have the Land. in Classic Mode, Three Times.
  • Land Anywhere on The Sosnovka Military Base Rooftop (erangel) in Classic Mode, Three Times.
  • Use the M762 in Classic Mode to Defeat 20 Adversaries.
  • Pick up 4x Scope in 10 Matches in Classic Mode.

Elite Mission

1. Optional Mission

  • Mini14 in Classic Mode, Take out 8 Foes.
  • The Mini14 Is the Best Dmr Available for Long-Range Shooting. Although Its Damage Won’t Match that Of Its Close-Range Brethren, It Stands out From the Alternatives Below Because to Its Lower Bullet Drop Threshold and Compatibility with Sniper-Specific Attachments.
  • In Classic Mode, Use Vss to Eliminate 8 Foes.
  • Despite Having a Silencer and Scope for The Best Sniping, the Vss’s Short Body Makes It Difficult for Its Bullets to Penetrate Far-Off Targets. Maintain a Medium Range.

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2. Extreme Challenges from Week 2 of Season 18 in PUBG 1.3

  • Use the Aug A3 in The Arena to Take out 200 Adversaries.
  • The Aug A3 Cannot Be Added to Your Arena Loadout until You Reach Level 30. After That, You’ll Have No Trouble Destroying Foes. It’s a Very Potent Weapon in Domination.
  • Take It There, and The Kills Will Start to Pile Up.
  • With the Aug A3 in Classic Mode, Eliminate Ten Adversaries.
  • The Aug A3 Is the Rarest and Most Potent Assault Rifle in The Game and Is only Accessible Through Airdrops. Its Relatively Long Reload Time Is the One Discernible Weakness Among Its Advantages. when You Loot This Beast, Have a Quickdraw Mag Ready so You Can Take on A Team without Too Much Concern.

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3. Wear a Spetsnaz Helmet and Win One PUBG Classic Match (lv.3).

4. Acquire the Ghillie Suit After Six Classic Mode Matches.


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