Apple Boosts iPhone 13 Pro Series Production to Meet Growing Demand

Apple boosts iPhone 13 Pro series production to meet growing demand

The iPhone 13 Pro versions, which were introduced in September of last year, are allegedly in high demand. According to reports, the Pro and Pro Max are selling like hotcakes, and for the same reason, Apple has decided to increase both models’ production levels.

According to a DigiTimes report, the tech giant will increase the production of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max by 10 million units for the second calendar quarter of the year, which runs from April to June.

Due to the COVID-19 closure in China, the Cupertino-based software giant has been experiencing problems with its supply chain. The constraints reportedly affected the production schedule by forcing Foxconn and Pegatron plants to briefly shut down.

Pegatron, an Apple supplier, ceased operations at its plants in Shanghai and Kunshan early this month in accordance with instructions from the Chinese government. The shutdown is anticipated to have an influence on the shipping of all the products made by Pegatron, including the iPhone 13, iPhone SE, and a few other items.

Additionally, Quanta Computer, which produces 75% of all MacBooks worldwide, has also ceased operations, which experts fear would “severely disrupt delivery.” Depending on how long the lockdowns last, the eventual effect on the supply chain may vary.

The COVID-19 restrictions in China have also affected the crucial Foxconn facility. Analysts had expected that if the lockout lasts for a few more weeks, some Apple product shipments may see delays. The number of cases nationwide keeps growing.

Apple just revealed that the iPhone 13 will be locally assembled at the Foxconn facility close to Chennai. In an official statement, Cupertino said, “We are pleased to start building iPhone 13 right here in India for our local customers, with its beautiful design, improved camera systems for amazing photographs and movies, and the incredible performance of the A15 Bionic CPU.”

This does not imply a decrease in the pricing of the iPhone 13 in India. Apple rarely adjusts its worldwide pricing approach for a local market. Notably, despite the fact that the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 were locally built, Apple never officially reduced their prices.

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Is the iPhone 13 Pro a Good Investment?

The iPhone 13 Series Is Producing “some of The Strongest Results in Many Quarters,” According to A Consumer Intelligence Research Partners Report Released a Few Days Ago.

Cirp Partner and Co-Founder Josh Lowitz Stated that “the Four Models, Including 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, and 13 Small, Accounted for Roughly Three-Quarters of Sales in The March Quarter.”

Apple boosts iPhone 13 Pro series production to meet growing demand

The Then-New iPhone 12 Models Accounted for 61% of Sales at This Time Last Year. the iPhone 13 Had the Largest Share for A Single Model in This Quarter (38%), Which Hasn’t Happened in A While.

Sales of The iPhone 13 Mini During the March Quarter Made About 3% of Total Sales. that Indicates that The Costlier iPhone 13 Pro Models Collectively Held a Market Share of About 30%. only The iPhone Sales for That Time Period Are Addressed in The Cirp Report. Older iPhones Like the iPhone XR Are Also on The List.

The Best iPhone Models Available Right Now Are the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. Despite the Impending Release of The iPhone 14, These Are Still Excellent Options if You Haven’t Upgraded in A While.

The Same Design, Processors, and Ram Are Reportedly Coming to The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max as They Did for The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, They Won’t Have a Triple-Lens Camera or Pro Motion Functionality.

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Apple Increases Its Output.

This Brings up The Most Recent Digitimes Report on iPhone Manufacturing. According to Reports, Apple Will Produce 10 Million More iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max Models in The Quarter Ending in June.

According to The Report, Apple Intends to Raise Manufacturing Across the Board for The iPhone 13 Series, Not only The Pro Models. Digitimes, However, only Provide an Estimate for The Pro Models.

Furthermore, the Research Implies that Modifications to Covid-19 Limits Will Be Made to Apple’s Supply Chain.

This Thursday, Apple Will Release Its Financial Results for The March Quarter, and Then We’ll Know More Specifics Regarding IPhone Demand. Apple No Longer Provides Sales Data for Individual I Phone Models.

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We Won’t Be Aware of The Volume of iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max Sales Throughout that Time. the Market Demand for iPhones Should, However, Be Reflected in The Overall Earnings Data.

Apple Should Also Provide Guidance for The June Quarter. These Manufacturing Claims Might Be Supported by The Company’s Calculations. However, Digitimes and Other Publications Frequently Write About Apple’s Ambitions for The IPhone’s Manufacturing. However, when Questioned About Supply Chain Assertions, Apple Never Provides Any Evidence.


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