Noise colorfit Pro 3 Smartwatch: Available Now! Review, Price, and Full Specifications

Noise colorfit Pro 3 Smartwatch: Available Now! Review, Price, and Full Specifications

In India, sales of wristbands, smartwatches, and TWS buds have all skyrocketed. According to research firm IDC, smartwatch sales have increased by 400% overall, possibly at the expense of wristband sales. It is safe to assume that the majority of users desire or plan to upgrade to a smartwatch.

Local brand Noise is the market leader in this niche. Many of the features and specifications found on more expensive watches from Apple and Samsung are present in its ColorFit Pro 3 watch.

The colorful Pro 3 has a continuous heart-rate monitor, is water-resistant and swim-ready, and also measures blood oxygen levels. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the last item on the list even more crucial. However, how does the watch function? Here is my evaluation.

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Review of Color Fit Pro 3: What’s Good?

The rectangular design of the smartwatch, like many others on the market, immediately brings to mind the Apple Watch. The case of the watch is made of polycarbonate and has a metallic finish.

You won’t be able to easily damage it because of how robust it is. Although the metallic coating on the case is vulnerable to scratches, the watch is quite light to wear.

For a cheap smartwatch, the green strap variation looks rather elegant. However, wearing it was not particularly comfortable. No matter the lighting, the watch’s 1.55-inch HD display with 320*360 resolution is bright enough to be used.

The watch’s animations move rapidly, it reacts to touch input promptly, and it operated without any problems during my usage. Additionally, the user interface is simple to comprehend. Smartwatches occasionally have an irritating tendency to be slow or to freeze, but that was never a problem here.

 You may swipe right from the watch face to access some important features like workouts, your daily step counts, heart rate, controlling the music player on the phone, etc., or you can push the button on the side to access the whole menu.

The emphasis is on fitness activities, so I didn’t think it would offer much in the way of wristwatch functionality, but I was wrong. The watch did display texts and WhatsApp notifications from my iPhone, and I could quite precisely control music as well. Additionally, it has a tracking feature for your phone.

The watch has a ton of features, including continuous heart-rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, walking, jogging, strength training, yoga, indoor and outdoor cycling, and many other workout modes. Strength training was not an option when I originally connected the watch to my iPhone. This was reflected when I reset the watch to an Android.

I discovered that it worked well for most exercises, including outdoor walking, indoor riding, and yoga sessions. In actuality, the automatic identification of when you are walking outside is fairly precise. About five minutes after I started, it would turn on. Just keep in mind to end the sessions once you’re through.

The heart-rate tracking was quite precise, particularly throughout my workouts, and in accordance with my expectations. For anyone who is interested, the watch also offers blood oxygen monitoring, a feature I used after COVID-19.

Since it once displayed saturation levels of 92, I can’t be certain of accuracy at all times. I’m not sure why the reading was off, but ten minutes later it was back at 96 percent.

The battery life of this watch is its strongest feature; it easily lasts a week or more, even with heavy usage like daily exercise, receiving some notifications, etc.

There are many watches faces available in the Noise app as well. Additionally, it displays comprehensive inputs for each workout session as well as all fitness data, from sleep to steps.

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Specifications of Noise Colorfit Pro 3

A 1.55-inch HD touchscreen TruView display with 320 x 360-pixel resolution and 500 nits maximum brightness is included in the smartwatch. The Noise Colorfit Pro 3 can be customized with features like cloud-based watch faces by connecting it to an Android or iOS smartphone using the NoiseFit app.

There are 14 sports modes and automatic sports recognition features in Noise Colorfit Pro 3. It can monitor calories burned, distance traveled, and steps are taken. It is advertised to have a battery life of 10 days and has a 210mAh battery. It has Bluetooth v5.0 and is water-resistant to level 5ATM.

The user’s stress level can also be tracked by the smartwatch, along with their heart rate and blood oxygen levels. Additionally, Noise Colorfit Pro 3 can monitor three different types of sleep patterns: light sleep, deep sleep, and REM cycles. According to Noise, the smartwatch’s numerous sensors at the back support the operation of these tracking and monitoring features.

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A female health tracker is included with Noise Colorfit Pro 3 to help users keep track of their menstrual and pregnancy data. Based on the customer’s menstrual data set, it can forecast and remind users of their upcoming period.

Additionally, it can serve as a reminder of ovulation. Call, message, and smart notification features are available on the smartwatch. You can set remote alarms, reminders, and music controls with Noise Colorfit Pro 3.


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