Reasons Not to Install iOS 13.5.1 & Reasons to Install

Reasons Not to Install iOS 13.5.1 & Reasons to install

There are very few updates in the iOS 13.5.1 update, and they are mostly security-related. Therefore, if you were hoping for a change in the way things look and feel or in other settings, this update is not for you.

Although it is a fairly minor release, it can significantly boost your device’s performance. If you do not want the jailbroken phones to revert to their original state, do not update. I’ll discuss both the benefits of installing iOS 13.5.1 and the drawbacks of doing so in this article. To read more, scroll down!

Not all iOS users are pleased with the update, thus some want to upgrade the operating system while others don’t want to do anything.

The iPhone 6s and after, iPad Air 2 and later, iPad mini 4 and later, and the seventh-generation iPod touch are all compatible with iOS 13 and require this update. Although there are a number of reasons not to install iOS 13.5.1, there are also a number of benefits. To learn more, continue reading.

Why You Should Install iOS 13.5.1

The following are the justifications for updating your iOS device to 13.5.1. Although you would believe it solely offers security-related upgrades, there are a few additional things included.

1) Increased Safety

Better security is the most important element that has consistently been cited. This upgrade with version 13.5.1 has improved security because it is less likely to be jailbroken.

2) Address Performance Concerns

Although the update information does not include any issue fixes, it might assist you in doing so. There is a lengthy list of bugs that have been fixed, including issues with first-party programs, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, UI drag, and unidentified reboots.

3) To Fight the Covid-19 Epidemic.

Everyone is required to wear masks during this pandemic over the planet, and they must be removed while opening a phone. If the phone has a face recognition lock, you can quickly open it without taking off the mask. If it notices that you are wearing a mask, it will skip you right to the passcode screen. two-factor authentication

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4) Sharing iCloud Folders

Users can share iCloud Drive folders with others via iCloud Folder Sharing. Therefore, if you neglected to upgrade it previously, you can do it right now with iOS 13.5.1. The updates are in real-time. A shared personal will also be able to see the modifications you make to the folder.

5) Improved Group Face Off

The caller’s tile will instantly enlarge thanks to this feature. Therefore, if you allow these features, the speaker’s tile will grow larger while fading into the background of the other speakers. Therefore, if you forgot to update with 13.4, 13.4.1, or 13.5 earlier, update with 13.5.1 and have this experience as well.

6) New Eye-Catching Emoji

We always find emojis to be appealing and they improve our chat experience. Good Memojis make it enjoyable to chat. To access the new emojis, update your device to 13.5.1. The initial upgrade, though, was iOS 13.4.

7) Mail App Improvements

Apple has improved the mail app with the introduction of iOS 13.4 to the public. The compose, delete, and reply buttons are now located to the right, left, and middle of the screen, respectively. Thus, there is no longer any danger of mistakenly deleting mail.

Upgrade to iOS 13.5.1 on your phone to take advantage of this mailbox update.

8) Carplay Improvements

You must install iOS 13.5.1 in order to take advantage of the enhancements if you use your iPhone for car play but fail to install iOS 13.4, which included two-car play features. Your dashboard experience will improve.

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Reasons to Avoid Installing iOS 13.5.1

1) Haven’t prepared

Set the update back if you are not prepared for it and wait till you are. When starting updates, bear in mind a few things:

  • You must have a power source for your phone.
  • You need to have a reliable wi-fi or internet connection.
  • Before the updates, make a backup of your phone. There will be instances when you lose data, so prepare for that.
  • This might be one of the deterrents to iOS 13.5.1 installation.

2) Concerned About Bugs

New releases occasionally have bugs. Although we might imagine an updated phone, the phone really degrades in various ways. Even if iOS 13.5.1 is a relatively small/minor update, you must wait if you are also worried about bugs.

The concerns with iOS 13 include anomalous battery drain, problems with both first- and third-party applications, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular data issues, installation problems, latency, sporadic reboots, problems with Face ID, and problems with Touch ID. VPNs can have a security problems.

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3) Not Sable Situation

How the new update will operate on your device is unknown. You shouldn’t get an update if you’re a phone addict who can’t wait for even a second to use your device. Additionally, if you have any concerns about certain apps continuing to function after the update, you should eliminate them and strongly postpone them.

Due to the pandemic, all Apple stores and customer service are also closed, therefore I suggest you wait. One of the most compelling arguments against installing iOS 13.5.1 is this.


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