How to Play Play Fortnite on iPhone and Android, Even After Its Ban!

Play Fortnite on iPhone and Android, even after its ban!

Around 300 million people play Fortnite, an Epic Games Battle Royale title, worldwide. A hundred players engage in combat with one another while playing the game. The last player standing out of 100 wins the game. They acquire resources and construct defenses. What is it about the gameplay that makes Google and Apple forbid the game from Epic?

The games last about 20 minutes, and once they are over, the players can move on to the next one. While the Save the World mode costs actual money to play, the battle royale mode is free to play. Furthermore, the game allows in-game purchases, which is why it has been banned.

To purchase any weapon or a variety of avatars, in-game purchases are required. Take on new challenges every day and compete for prizes.

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What Justifies the Ban on Fortnite?

Fortnite will no longer be available in Apple and Google Play stores. Epic is suing both businesses over the action as this is not the end of the matter. The firms claimed that the game had broken the rules on in-app purchases.

Play Fortnite on iPhone and Android, even after its ban!

In reality, a direct payment function that went live on the Fortnite app on August 13 was the breach, according to Apple and Google. Epic employed in-app payment methods that distributed a sizable portion of any revenue from player purchases to Google and Apple.

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Apple stated, “Today, Epic Games made the regrettable decision to break the App Store rules, which are intended to keep the store secure for our consumers and are applied uniformly to every developer.

Their Fortnite app was consequently taken down from the store. The purpose of Epic’s decision to enable a feature in its app that was not authorized or approved by Apple was to specifically break the in-app payment rules that are applicable to all developers that offer digital products or services.

Google, meanwhile, claimed that “the open Android ecosystem allows developers to publish apps through a variety of app stores. We have uniform regulations that are fair to developers and maintain the store safe for customers for game creators that choose to use the Play Store.

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How to Play Fortnite on A Phone or Tablet for Free

  • It’s simple to start. Open the Chrome app on your iOS, iPad, or Android smartphone and navigate to Then select Fortnite after logging into your Microsoft account (or making one). (Although there are other games listed, Fortnite is the only one that is now free.) Yet, that’s it. You’ll be operational if you adhere to these instructions.
  • According to Microsoft’s release, the intention is to gradually add additional free-to-play titles because “at Xbox, we aim to make gaming accessible to the 3 billion gamers across the world, and cloud has a key role in that effort.” The intention is to introduce more games, although there is no set timeframe for doing so.
  • Given that Fortnite is one of the biggest and most well-known games on the planet, it makes sense to start there. But the successful circumvention of Apple’s ban, which followed a protracted court battle between rival tech behemoths, is a statement in and of itself.


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