Far Cry 5 Ending Explained: Know More About It!

far cry 5 ending explained

Released in 2018, Far Cry 5 is the fifth main entry in Ubisoft’s Far Cry franchise. Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto created this first-person shooter. The game was well-received upon its release and quickly became the best-selling installment in the series history.

Far Cry 5 made $310 million in its first week alone, making it a commercial success. Several supplementary digital contents were also made available for an additional cost. It was generally well received, although the game’s ending was a point of contention for several players.

The game’s climax was inspired, at least in part, by the tense situation between the United States and North Korea at the time. In addition, the players felt that their time spent playing was for naught because of the conclusion. Its spin-off sequel, Far Cry New Dawn, was released in 2019, so let’s have the ending to Far Cry 5 broken down.

In Far Cry New Dawn, it has been seventeen years since the events of Far Cry 5. The devastating nuclear explosion at the finale of Far Cry 5 was given the name “the Collapse.”

This sequel focused on a more contained area of Hope County, as the few remaining survivors worked to construct the city of Prosperity. Far Cry 5’s Joseph Seed’s property was going to be turned into a settlement. But their progress is hampered by the Highwaymen, a band of organized bandits who roam the countryside.

These characters serve as the game’s primary antagonists, while the people who made it through Project Eden’s Gate have established a new society they call New Eden.

The deputy from Far Cry 5 and Joseph Seed himself return to the series, despite the fact that they have abandoned most types of modern technology since Seed vanished. Well, let’s check out how that works.

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The “Good” Ending

To make matters worse, Far Cry 5’s “good” ending isn’t as “good” as you’d hope. In the climax, you and your allies are given a choice: go with Joseph Seed and his brainwashed Bliss warriors or “resist” and try to rescue them.

If you decide to leave, Seed will wish you well and give orders for the other prisoners to be released. Your group has a dispute, gets into a car, and leaves. When the elderly sheriff finally arrives in Missoula, he plans to immediately dispatch the National Guard to completely destroy the city.

But first, he flips on the radio and hears “Only You” by The Platters. When the sheriff asks, “What’s wrong?” after your character sees red flashes, the screen goes black.

Then, what does this imply? Your party members will certainly perish in this “nice” ending, so it’s really not that great.

Keep in mind that Jacob Seed inserted the song “Only You” in your head as a trigger to cause you to explode into murderous wrath. Thus, when it is broadcast over the radio, you can be sure that everyone in the vehicle will perish, either at your hands or in an accident.

Ultimately, most of your crew, including yourself, will perish, and Seed will begin rebuilding his Eden’s Gate cult. Also, keep in mind that this is a happy ending.

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The “Bad” Ending

The “bad” ending to Far Cry 5 has a deeper meaning, though this is open to debate. Fighting back against Seed and his men leads to a brief shootout in which you save your other companions and ultimately defeat Seed.

But we haven’t seen the last of this. As you handcuff him, a nuclear weapon detonates, obliterating most of Hope County. When the sheriff and his squad (including Seed) see the forest engulfed in flames, they make a break for the automobile and attempt to flee, but the vehicle abruptly crashes.

The rest of the group has been killed, and Seed has you dragged to Dutch’s adjacent bunker, where he has already killed the old man.

far cry 5 ending explained

Seed says he expected this and considers you family now that he’s getting ready to reconstruct Eden’s Gate while you’re tied to the bed next to him. As the television goes black, he relaxes and listens calmly to the carnage above.

Then, what does this imply? And now, much as in the “good” ending, Seed is thinking about resurrecting his cult, and most of your party has perished. Yet the key issue is who is to blame.

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There is now the theory that Seed and his cult planted the bomb as a last resort in case they couldn’t win the war against you. Then then, he might have planned something fresh for his sect and had that explosion in mind all along.

Also, his group members might have anticipated this end-of-the-world scenario and been ready to ride it out in a military bunker. Thus, Seed prevails once more at your expense.


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