Ending of Morbius Explained: Know More About the Movie!

ending of morbius explained

The Sony-Marvel universe has expanded with the release of Morbius. The film has been met with widespread disapproval and criticism for falling short of the high expectations set by Sony’s Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Morbius, starring Jared Leto, tells the story of Dr. Michael Morbius, who, after contracting a potentially fatal blood disease, becomes a superhuman vampire and unwittingly unleashes chaos upon the world.

In the film’s climax, Michael faces off against his best friend Milo (Matt Smith), who also has the same disease but goes against Michael’s wishes by injecting himself with bat DNA to gain superpowers. However, he becomes Michael’s archenemy because he feeds on human blood instead of the synthetic blood Michael prefers.

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Overview of The Film

Dr. Morbius, who is suffering from a life-threatening blood disorder, takes a risk in an attempt to help others avoid the same fate. At first glance, it appears to be wildly successful, but soon, the darkness within him is let loose.

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Ending of Morbius Explained

Given that Morbius brutally murders several people after ingesting the cure (a combination of bat and human DNA), Milo’s initial reluctance to spread the news of the cure’s success is understandable.

However, Milo’s financial support made it possible for Morbius to conduct the illegal experiment, and so, unbeknownst to Morbius, Milo steals a vial of the cure. Because of his memory loss when he becomes a vampire, Morbius is initially convinced that he murdered a nurse who shared an office with him.

FBI agents Simon Stroud (Tyrese Gibson) and Alberto Rodriguez (Al Madrigal) are already looking into Morbius’s earlier massacre, and the death of the nurse raises suspicions that he was involved. Morbius tries to fight off the investigators who have come to question him by attacking them, but he ultimately ends up being captured and imprisoned.

Milo pays a visit to Morbius in prison, leaving behind a vial of blood to fortify him on his mission of escape. In the end, Morbius decides to confront Milo in a subway station after initially refusing. He does this because he realizes what Milo did and what he can do in response.

Morbius won’t fight his best friend, but murderous Milo isn’t going to stop being murderous, either. After Milo kills several police officers, Morbius escapes the scene to avoid further arrest.

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Morbius enlists Martine’s aid in developing a plan to stop Milo, a plan he intends to use on himself. Even if Morbius were to commit suicide, he would soon reach a point where he could no longer resist the urge for real blood, as the artificial blood he had been using to keep the cure working was becoming less effective.

Milo attacks Dr. Nicholas (Jared Harris), who has been helping Morbius and him since they were children, in an effort to lure him away from his lab. When Morbius fails to save the doctor, Milo kills Martine to provoke a fight from Morbius.

Martine, who is near death, begs Morbius to take a drink from her to “make it mean something” and give him the power to vanquish Milo.

Though Milo manages to gain the upper hand in the battle, Morbius is eventually defeated after the two of them crash belowground. To keep Milo at bay until he can defeat Morbius, Morbius calls upon a bat colony (of which we were previously informed that there are many under New York City).

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A fatal iron overload brought on by Morbius’s antibody injection kills Milo, undoing the curative effects of the treatment. However, he doesn’t seem eager to try it out on himself just yet, and Morbius escapes with the bats just as the FBI is about to nab him again.


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