FaceApp, Snapchat, Prisma, FaceTune2 Best Face Editing Apps with Cool Filters

FaceApp, Snapchat, Prisma, FaceTune2 Best Face editing apps with cool filters

You probably aren’t living under a rock if you’ve heard of FaceApp, the app that uses artificial intelligence-powered filters to show users a version of themselves from the past.

There are many other filters available in the app besides the “old” one that went viral with celebrities all over the world posting pictures of their older selves on social media. When it comes to adding truly bizarre filters in real time, Snapchat is without peers. Their gender swap filter also recently went viral due to its hilarious effects.

You can add dog ears to your photos with a variety of editing programmes, from Snapchat to Prisma. Another app that can help you achieve the perfect smile is FaceTune2, which can lighten your teeth and smooth out your skin. We examine the best photo editing apps, including FaceApp, Prisma, and Snapchat.


FaceApp uses AI to do things like make you look younger or older, switch genders, and a lot of other crazy things.

You can also experiment with different hairdos, dye your hair a new colour, digitally enhance your features (such as a moustache or smile), and experiment with different eyewear to see what works best for your photo. There is a Pro version of the app available for an annual fee of $19.99.

Despite being nearly two years old (it was released in 2017 by a Russian startup), FaceApp’s old filter has recently become extremely popular. FaceApp’s creator, Yaroslav Goncharov, refuted privacy concerns that were raised, such as the app sending user data to Russia and having access to the user’s entire phone gallery.

Concerns remain, however, including the app’s provision of a “perpetual,” “irrevocable,” royalty-free, worldwide licence to use the content for those who agree to its terms and services and the fact that any editing has been performed on cloud servers rather than on the user’s own device.

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FaceApp, Snapchat, Prisma, FaceTune2 Best Face editing apps with cool filters

Teens love Snapchat because of the fun filters and masks it offers. Social media apps popularised dog ears and cat ears, but filters are updated frequently. Also on Snapchat, the ‘gender swap’ filter became and remains a huge hit with users.

Additionally, Snapchat features a handful of Indian-inspired masks, most of which involve superimposing elaborate pieces of ethnic jewellery.

Sharing on social media is more entertaining and topical because Snapchat’s masks are updated frequently; for example, if the Indian Premier League (IPL) is approaching or a new movie is released, Snapchat will likely have a new filter ready.

Snapchat, available for free on both Android and iOS, is well-known for its disappearing Stories that are deleted after 24 hours. Also available are Snap Games and a Discover tab for perusing posts from your contacts and favourite publications. However, Snapchat’s filters and masks are among the app’s most popular features.

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When Prisma first went viral in 2016, it gained some notoriety of its own. There was a lot of interest in the artistic filters that were claimed to transform photos into Picassos, Munchs, and Dallas.

Similar to FaceApp, this app utilises neural networks and AI to edit photos. It’s also very straightforward, with an Instagram-like interface that lets you quickly add filters to your photos by dragging and dropping them from a horizontal menu.

Prisma is the perfect app for those who want to make a dramatic impact with their editing. The Prisma filter works particularly well on rainy day photos, bringing out the details in the water droplets. Also, the free app has a wide variety of scene options and close to 300 filters to play around with. Prisma can be downloaded on both iOS and Android.

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If you want your teeth whitened, your red eyes were gone, or any blemishes, pimples, or oil off your face, then download FaceTune 2, the retouching app.

There are also a number of high-quality options for creating an airbrushed effect or making facial features like the nose smaller or larger. Furthermore, the app’s artistic tools include the ability to paint directly onto skin or hair with makeup brushes, and a spectrum of colour-changing light effects.

This app has been downloaded over 10,000,000 times and has received a 3.9/5 star rating in the Google Play Store. The app received a 4.6-star rating in the Apple App Store. It also has a magic camera that improves pictures instantly and has live filters, so you can share them on social media without waiting as long.


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