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Fortnite Gets New Zero Build Mode, Three New Weapons: Know More!

Fortnite gets new Zero Build mode, three new weapons: Here are the details

Epic Games removed some of the most recognizable construction features from Fortnite in the latest season. Despite being a temporary stunt, the developer has now made Zero Build mode permanent.

Players in Fortnite’s new Battle Royale mode can prepare for battle by amassing supplies and erecting fortifications. You can forget about that building and move on. The tweet from Fortnite stressed the importance of ground combat skills.

The Zero Build playlist will be accessible via the Discover tab and playable in the Solo, Duo, Trio, and Squad modes. Players can also equip the Anvil Rocket Launcher, the MK-Seven assault rifle, and the Combat assault rifle.

The launcher has the ability to lock onto vehicle targets and can be looted from regular and rare chests, as well as the seven supply and IO chests, supply drops, and sharks. The MK-Seven is equipped with a red-dot scope, while the power of the fight rifle is increased by recoil.

Between April 2 and 4, you can purchase one of these assault rifles on the island. In this thread, please post the games for which players can vote by donating Bars to the respective Donation Boards.

You can try out both of these Assault Rifles in the wild before deciding which one to buy! Between Saturday, April 2, at 4 AM ET, and Monday, April 4, at 11:59 PM ET, 2022, look for MK-Sevens and Combat Assault Rifles hidden around the Island.

Soon after the trial period concludes, you’ll be able to cast your vote for your preferred option by donating Bars to Donation Boards. When we hit 100% funding, the first weapon will be added to the loot pool immediately! A blog post was made about Epic Games.

The creator also mentioned that aggressive playlists won’t feature the Anvil rocket launcher. Additionally, the trial period for assault rifles will be omitted from violent playlists. It has been established through play that the Zero construct option is currently unavailable within the game. The option is anticipated to employ a unique tactic en route to claiming the crown.

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Shoot Rockets at Cars Using the Anvil Launcher

Taking on vehicles is already covered by the Heavy Turret, so how about a portable weapon that can destroy them?

Aim the Anvil Rocket Launcher at the vehicle you wish to destroy. If you have successfully identified your target, you may now launch a rocket in its direction. You can obtain an Anvil Rocket Launcher from any of the following: common and rare chests, seven supply and IO chests, supply drops, and sharks.

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In the Case of An Assault Rifle, B.A.R. Stands for “barrel Attachments.”

Anticipate an Unvault! if You Know Anything About the Mk-Seven Assault Rifle or The Combat Assault Rifle, Please Let the Resistance Know. the Former Allows the User to Inspect the Red Dot Sight of A Long-Range Assault Rifle.

This Is the Assault Rifle Counterpart to The Powerful, Short-Range Combat Smg. the Combat Assault Rifle’s Recoil Has Been Modified so That It Gradually Increases to Its Maximum Force.

This Is Your Chance to Test out Both of These Assault Rifles in The Open Before Any of Them Are Released from Their Vault! Between Saturday, April 2, at 4 Am Et, and Monday, April 4, at 11:59 Pm Et, 2022, Look for Mk-Sevens and Combat Assault Rifles Hidden Around the Island.

In The Near Future, Once the Test Period Concludes, You Can Cast Your Vote by Donating Bars at Funding Stations. the First Weapon to Reach 100% Funded Will Be Added to The Loot Pool Immediately.

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