Snapchat Launches Dynamic Stories to Highlight News in Stories

Snapchat Launches Dynamic Stories to Highlight News in Stories

Snap Inc. has introduced a new feature called Dynamic Stories. With this update, the app’s discover feed will now include news and other content. That way, users can keep up with the world outside the app without having to leave it.

Verified media publishers’ content will serve as the basis for news reports. Snapchat does not provide an open, unfiltered newsfeed where disreputable sources could potentially reach a large audience and spread false or misleading information.

A press release from Discover claimed that only “verified media publishers and content creators” would have their work showcased on the platform.

While the feature is being tested in other countries like France, the United States, and the United Kingdom, Snapchat is currently experimenting with it in India. Moreover, more regions will get access to Dynamic Stories in the future.

You’ll be able to read these tales in English, Hindi, and Marathi. More regional languages are reportedly in the works for inclusion on the platform.

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Cooperating with Content Providers from India and Beyond

The RSS feeds of the media partner will be the primary source of content for Dynamic Stories in India. Content here is going to be recycled from elsewhere on the web, so don’t expect instant updates. For the time being, Dynamic Stories will be generated using content from publications like GQ India, MissMalini, Pinkvilla, Sportskeeda, The Quint, Times Now, and Vogue India.

Snapchat Launches Dynamic Stories to Highlight News in Stories

Similarly, in the United States, the platform will draw material from Axios, Bloomberg, CNN, Complex Networks, Condé Nast (Self, Vogue), ESPN, Insider, the New York Post, Page Six, Self, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, TMZ, Vice, and Vogue.

The French editions of Femme Actuelle, Foot Mercato, Gala, GQ France, Le Figaro, Marie Claire FR, Paris Match, and Vogue France have teamed up with the app, while British publications British Vogue, GQ UK, The Independent, and The Mirror are Snapchat’s UK media partners.

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Snapchat Will Show News Highlights on The App

At the moment, users in the United States, the United Kingdom, and India are participating in a beta test of the Dynamic Stories feature. Axios, Bloomberg, CNN, Insider, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post, all American news outlets, have collaborated with Snapchat on the app’s development.

Snap’s Indian media partners include GQ India, MissMalini, Pinkvilla, Sportskeeda, The Quint, Times Now, and Vogue India.

Snapchat emphasizes that it does not permit an open newsfeed where unverified users or publishers could potentially reach a large audience with false or misleading information. Snap claims that it “only features content from verified media publishers and content creators” on its Discover platform.

Recent developments include ASL Alphabet Lens, a collaboration between Snapchat and SignAll, and a developer of sign language translation technology. The latest Snap lens includes a built-in ASL interpreter, making it possible for anyone to study the signed language of the United States.

The app provides on-screen instructions for how to make the hand shapes that correspond to the sign language letters.

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Snap Inc.’s ASL Alphabet Lens, developed in collaboration with SignAll, was announced in a blog post. To “expand the way Snapchatters can express themselves and make connections through our Camera,” Snap says it is actively working. It’s worth noting that Snapchat adds, “we hope that Lenses not only evolve the way we see the world but help us feel closer to one another.”


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