Google One Plans & Prices as Free Unlimited Storage Will End Soon

Google One Plans & Prices as Free Unlimited Storage Will End Soon

By the end of this month, users of Google Photos will no longer have access to the free storage they have had for the past few years. The platform will no longer allow free photo and video backup, according to the firm, effective June 1.

This change was first disclosed last year. According to Google, all “High-quality “15GB storage caps on Google Drive will be applied to any photos or movies users upload to Google Photos. You can download photos and movies from the site to your computer or laptop, as we previously discussed.

Today, we’ll discuss the Google One subscription, which ensures you can continue to use services like Photos and others without worrying about storage by charging a higher monthly fee.

First off, starting on June 1, Google will include data from all of its services, including Gmail, Drive, Photos, and more, in the 15GB of free storage that it has allotted. A subscription plan is available for the Google One, ranging from the standard 100GB plan to 30TB of cloud storage.

It has fewer additional perks than the Apple One membership but is similar. You can add family members for sharing, consult Google experts, and take advantage of “additional member advantages” with all premium subscriptions.”

The Google VPN service is also available to customers in a few locations, with the exception of India. Customers can start with the entry-level 100GB Google One plan for Rs 149 per month or Rs 1,499 per year. The price of the 200GB package is Rs 219 per month and Rs 2,199 annually.

Google One Plans & Prices as Free Unlimited Storage Will End Soon

The 2TB plan, which costs Rs 749 per month and Rs 7,500 annually, is the next. The aforementioned plans are based on the Google One app for iOS, although the website displays the three options as being somewhat less expensive. The price for the first 100GB is displayed as Rs 130 per month and Rs 1,300 per year.

The 200GB plan costs Rs 210 per month and Rs 2,100 annually, while the 2TB plan costs Rs 650 per month and Rs 6,500 annually. The monthly rent for Google’s 10TB, 20TB, and 30TB plans is Rs 3,249, Rs 6,500, and Rs 9,700, respectively. You can download the app to access these three plans.

Users can also manage backup and storage by app and platform using the Google One app. Through the app, users can also get Google support.

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What Is Google One?

Google Drive Storage is now known as Google One, and it is a premium service. It effectively gives your Google account more storage. You must sign up for Google One if you ever need more storage than the 15GB you receive for free.

Extra storage, access to Google customer service (should you have any issues), the possibility to share data with family members, and some exclusive Google Play deals are all advantages of a Google One subscription.

The key advantage, in theory, is that you can increase your storage limit from 15GB to 100GB, 200GB, or 2TB, depending on your needs and budget.
Even if you purchase Google One, Google Photos will still take up space on your Google account.

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Don’t believe the myth that once you purchase a Google One subscription, Google Photos will once more be “free and unlimited.” All of the photographs your backup on Google Photos will continue to take up space in your Google account even after purchasing a Google One subscription. In other words, Google will cost you money to back up your pictures.


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