India Battlegrounds Mobile with The Most Recent Update, Players Can Now Access 8 New Skins.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Getting Lamborghini With Latest Update, Players Can Now Access 8 New Skins

To add dazzling new automobiles to the game, Battlegrounds Mobile creator Krafton in India is working with luxury sportscar manufacturer Lamborghini. Beginning on Friday, March 25, the Lamborghini Crate will be accessible in an online multiplayer battle royale.

Eight Lamborghini skins will be made accessible through the in-game store and events thanks to the new Crate. Through a fortunate spin, BGMI gamers can also find secret Lamborghini skins. This partnership represents Krafton’s fourth with top automakers to create thrilling new vehicles for the market.

From March 25 through May 3, BGMI gamers get access to the Lamborghini Crate. Six skins are included in the Crate and can be purchased in-game.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Verde Alceo, Lamborghini Estoque Metal Grey, Lamborghini URUS Giallo Inti, Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Verde, Lamborghini Estoque Oro, and Lamborghini Urus Pink are the skins that are included in the crate.

The Russian automaker UAZ’s first skins to be released on BGMI are the Lamborghini Urus Giallo Inti and Pink.

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A hidden page of the secret exchange store will be presented to BGMI players after they have collected all six Lamborghini skins from the box. From this point on, players will find a hidden Lamborghini skin. A second secret page can be accessed by claiming the first hidden Lamborghini skin.

The second secret page may be accessed by clicking the button in the top left corner of the BGMI Event Shop once the player has obtained the first hidden Lamborghini skin.

Additionally, two Lamborghini skins may be obtained during the Lucky Spin-Speed Drift in-game event. By doing this, BGMI players have the opportunity to earn a lucky medal, which can subsequently be used to buy Lamborghini vehicle skins from the game’s Event Shop.

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The partnership between Krafton and Lamborghini is not the company’s first with a major automaker. The South Korean game startup has already worked with well-known names in the auto sector, including Tesla, McLaren, and Koenigsegg.


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