Dark Skies Ending Explained: What Does It Mean when Jesse Talks on The Walkie Talkie at The End of The Film?

Dark Skies Ending Explained

The American science fiction television program Dark Skies aired on NBC on September 21, 1996, ran for 18 episodes before ending on May 31, 1997, and was eventually repeated on the Sci-Fi Channel.

It was a part of the ill-fated Thrillogy block. Due to the popularity of The X-Files on Fox, which demonstrated that there was a market for science fiction shows, NBC decided to order this potential rival after hearing a proposal from producers Bryce Zabel and Brent Friedman.

Plot Summary

Dark Skies Ending Explained

The Barretts appears to be an ordinary American family living in the quiet suburbs of an unknown township.

Apart from Daniel, the patriarch, failing to find employment, and a bizarre sentient beast bursting into the house and devouring all the lettuce, not much is occurring in their lives.

Lacy, Daniel’s wife, is an honest real estate salesperson who loses clients as a result. Sammy, the younger sibling, and elder brother Jesse, who lives with them, are good friends who periodically chat to one another at night using walkie-talkies.

Sammy speaks from the “Lunar Base” in the game, while Jesse is “Command Control.” Following the unusual happenings, Lacy starts to feel a little uneasy.

One evening, Lacy awakens from a nap and enters the dining room to discover bottles, lights, and soda cans arranged in a strange pattern.

The lights reflect a futuristic sign on the ceiling when she turns them on. After some prodding from his mother, Sammy turns around and admits that the Sandman was the culprit.

The alarm goes off the following night even though there are no indications of a break-in. Daniel learns from the help desk that all of the sensors were tripped simultaneously.

Suicidal birds bashing at the window, somnambulism, dilation of time, and visions are just the beginning of the weird developments.

Lacy discovers after searching the internet that their experiences might be related to the concept of extraterrestrial abduction.

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Ending Explained

Dark Skies Ending Explained

Dark Skies opens with Daniel Barrett and his four family members going about their daily lives. Due to the protagonist’s shifting employment, the family’s mother works both nights and days to provide financial assistance for the family.

While they appear to be a normal couple and nothing unusual occurs in their routine lives, they are actually the victims of several spooky events.

Sammy, Daniel’s younger kid, begins to whine that he sees the Boogeyman at night. Stranger things start happening, including horrifying bird crashes into their house and the discovery of unidentified symbols engraved onto the flesh of both kids.

The markings that are being inscribed on the body of both sons are a clear indication that one of them will be taken hostage by extraterrestrials.

The oldest Barrett family members are paranoid as they search for ways to prevent their children from becoming hurt as a result of these indications that alien creatures are circling their family.

Daniel, the family’s father, purchases a dog, boards up the house, and even purchases a shotgun so he can shoot anyone who attacks his family.

However, Dark Skies’ conclusion reveals that Jesse, the family’s younger sibling, had already been marked by the aliens.

That is the film’s unexpected resolution, which raises viewers’ expectations that Sam will be kidnapped by aliens because he is the first person to learn of their existence.

But Jesse is kidnapped, and the family departs to begin a new life. Sam’s walkie-talkie lights up in the movie’s climactic scene, and Jesse can be heard calling out to his brother in the background.

Even though the aliens are never really seen in the movie, they successfully create a grotesque atmosphere.


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