Irfanview: What Are the Uses of It?


With support for BMP, DIB, JPEG, GIF, animated GIF, WEBP, PNG, PCX, multipage TIFF, and TGA, IrfanView is a powerful graphics viewer and editor that doesn’t slow you down. The program also has the ability to convert images in batches, view directories, view slideshows, adjust color depth, crop, blur, sharpen, and drag and drop files.


  • View Images
  • Convert
  • Optimize
  • Scan and Print
  • Create Slideshow
  • Batch Processing
  • Multimedia
  • And many more

What Does IrfanView Do?

IrfanView can open and convert and edit images, and it’s free. It’s capable of reading and editing a wide range of picture formats. It has a simple design and is easy to pick up and start using right away.

IrfanView can be used to make minor adjustments to photographs, such as resizing, converting, or optimizing.

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Why Do I Need an Image Viewer?

Since image readers are smaller programs than dedicated photo editors, they are able to prioritize speed and format compatibility. In contrast, a dedicated picture viewer like IrfanView is quick and easy to use, saving you valuable time.

IrfanView Review

IrfanView is free software that may meet your needs if you’re seeking for an image editor. The original purpose of IrfanView was to simply display images. There are now a lot of editing options available to you in it. IrfanView is a powerful program that can help anyone, from amateurs to experts, with their image editing needs.

Simple Structure

IrfanView is a multi-purpose media player and editor that also supports reading and saving a wide variety of video, graphic, and audio formats. There are 115 different graphic file formats and 17 different media file formats that can be opened and played.

However, you’ll need specific plugins in order to open some file formats. Windows® Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, 2000, 9x, NT ME, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 are all compatible with this no-cost graphical program. The Winebottler application in Mac OS X and the Wine program on Linux are both compatible with the software.

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Image Editing

Multiple Tools for Enhancing Photos Are Available in Irfan View. It Can Also Send Files to Other Graphic Editors, Such as Photoshop, for Further Processing.

when You Open an Image, You’ll See a Status Bar that Lists the Initial Size in Pixels as Well as The Bits per Pixel. a Plethora of Additional Details, Such as Zoom Level, Image Position Within the Folder, File Creation and Modification Dates, Etc. Are Also Presented by The Application. It’s up To You how You Want to Alter the Photo.

Since the Program’s Interface Is so Uncluttered and Simple, Editing Is a Breeze. to Access the Various Editing Features, Simply Utilize the Toolbars and Menu. You Can Flip, Rotate, Add Watermarks, Change Filters, Increase Brightness, Decrease Color Depth, Resize the Canvas, and More.

There Are No State-Of-The-Art Painting Features Like in Gimp or Adobe® Photoshop®. It’s a Lightweight Player and Viewer that Serves a Different Function. It Loads Quickly, Has a Simple Interface, and Supports a Wide Variety of Graphic File Types. It’s Compact; at The Moment I’m Writing This Evaluation, His File Size Is Under 2 Mb.

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The Official Website Also Hosts Downloadable Add-Ons, Skins, and Plugins (see Download Links Up). with Irfan View, Your Creative Potential Is Boundless. Did You Know that You Can Make Your Own Slide Shows and Screensavers? (a Small Collection of Photographs and Knowledge of How to Use Irfan View Are All That’s Required.)

The Best Aspect Is that Once You’ve Made a Screensaver or A Slideshow, You May Use It on Other Microsoft Windows PCs, Even if They Don’t Have This Program Installed. What This Reveals About This Free Picture Viewer Is Quite Telling, I Suppose.


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